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Thursday, June 28, 2018

Make Your Sports Dreams Come True with Dream11

Are you a sports lover? Whenever you watch a game do you feel like monitoring and controlling it? Then you are the best one to dive into the Dream11 site. Where your all sports fantasies come true and you will definitely enjoy this. Check it out.

What is Dream11

Dream11 is India’s first fantasy sports platform. This idea took birth in the year 2012 in the two biggest sports fans minds Harsh Jain & Bhavit Sheth. And since then it has never stopped in entertaining the fans of sports. It is the best platform with all the matches from the Cricket, Football and Kabaddi are inside it.
You can start playing your dream match right now by signing up in the site.

How to Play

Dream11 can be played only if you have the knowledge about the sports and the skill in it.
You can follow these five steps below to get started
  • Select A Match:
    Select any of the upcoming matches from any of the current or upcoming cricket series
  • Create Your Team:
    Use your sports knowledge and showcase your skills to create your Dream11 team within a budget of 100 credits
  • Join a Contest:
    Join any Dream11 free or cash contest to win cash and the ultimate bragging rights to show off your improvement in the Free/Skill contests on Dream11!
  • Follow the Match:
    Watch the real match and track your fantasy scorecard (updated every 2 minutes)
  • Withdraw your Winnings:
    Instantly withdraw your winnings from your Dream11 account (One Time Verification required)
This is not a rocket science and every fan knows how to do it in a right way. Show your skills and gets appreciated with the cash. Isn’t it amazing to earn by doing what we love the most!
To know more in detail about how points are added and judgments are made head over to the official site of Dream11 and you will encounter the interface which is user-friendly and a seamless site browsing.
You can also learn to play the dream11 online by visiting their official site.

Growth by Years

The following chart from the site will provide us with the information about the growth of the site and its users.


How Can You Be a Part of Dream11

You can be a part of the Dream11 team by accessing the career tab in the site. This means you are hereby invited heart fully by the creative minds to join in their team and work together for the future success.
You can have the career in the following categories
  1. Engineering & Technology
  2. Customer Success
  3. Marketing & Communications
  4. Design
  5. Finance
  6. Product
Personally, I have never seen any site like this before which will help you in building your career as well as providing pure entertainment.
There is no one on this planet who are not into the sports, in that case, Dream11 can make all of the people’s dreams come true. And there is nothing to lose if we try because this is all fantasy and it is way better than any illegal betting which will cost your money and career.
Head over to Dream11 and experience the gaming environment by yourself. This is a huge Fantasy League which gives you a mind-blowing experience. Remember this is a complete skill-based game and you need to play wise.

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