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Sunday, April 08, 2018

Can We Expect The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 34?

The Undertaker, the Phenom, he has many names and all suits him, he fits into the titles whatever the WWE Universe and the legends gave him because he is the Undertaker and he is the hero of the Wrestlemania. He carried the legendary streak like no superstar ever did and we will never see any wrestler doing so in the coming generations.

It is only possible to him because he is the Undertaker. When uttering this name, the gong sound hits our eardrums and we will definitely get goosebumps.

The Undertaker never kept himself un-replied for any challenge, and since four weeks the face of the WWE, John Cena keeps on calling out the Undertaker and his challenge didn’t get any response. Even he called him out and asked the Undertaker to ‘ do something’, still the dead man didn’t give any reply.

Because of this, many WWE fans are in a dilemma whether the match between Cena and Taker would take place or not.

If we observe carefully what had happened with Cena’s career and so far, he is not that much succeeded in the previous matches, even before the Royal Rumble Cena didn’t make it good in any of the matches.

So, if John Cena must show up at the biggest event like Wrestlemania, he must be pushed up in such a way that his opponent must be the one who is a legend like the Undertaker. That is why this feud if occurs earlier than Wrestlemania 34, that is not going to make a much difference to the fans. Because they are waiting since long to view these two legends collide on a grand stage and still have no clarity when and how.

It was just in the unofficial terms that many spoke about the dream match. It is still unclear as the WWE officials did not announce this match yet.

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And if this match is not announced anywhere that doesn’t mean it’s not going to happen. Because this is the only one chance for both superstars to prove that they still got something for the WWE Universe.

The Undertaker has nothing to prove, he is already the greatest superstar of all the time. He achieved those heights which are not an easy thing to break for the newbies and the present roaster wrestlers.
On the other hand, the brand Cena is the one who is waiting since long to find an opponent who is a perfect challenge to him. And this match is possibly going to happen at Wrestlemania 34, we can expect the sudden return of the Undertaker during the event and facing John Cena.

If this won’t happen, at least there must be a confrontation between these two at the show of the shows.

Nothing is yet revealed officially, we can expect something big from the WWE masterminds. And if this match is going to take place, then it will be the memorable one with respect. Let us hope the Undertaker will ‘do something’ at the Wrestlemania 34.

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