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Saturday, April 07, 2018

Top Five Tips to Lower the Stress at Your Workplace - World Health Day 2018 Special

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We all have a dream, and that is to have a good health. And in these days we are living in a world where it is full of suffering and challenges and mental stress. And all these are combining to form a huge barrier to have a good health. And nowadays to have a good health and to maintain a good health status is just a dream. And only very few of the people on earth are now possessing the good health.

There are millions of reasons for us all to say that we are not living a normal life. The work pressure at the office, the assignments and semesters pressure at schools and colleges. All these are the things which will keep our mind so busy and continuously occupied.

Without these, our performance overview is not seen. We need to test the skill level we got and how much stress we can handle. So, beyond these stress levels there occurs the illness. Once if you found what type of thinking is causing you to fall sick and what kind of work you do is making you to feel tired and freaking out. Then you need to stop doing that again and again.

And here I am not suggesting you stop the job which you are doing right now, and am not asking to quit the tasks which are stressful.

Just make it sure to cope with them all, make them all as a part of your life and then fight with the everyday challenges.

And this is how we can live in the world and we should never run away from the problems, but we should fetch a way out of the puzzles and make them the memories and goals which are worth sharing with the coming generations.

Keeping a good health is in our hands and there are many more things which we can do to keep up with the health status. We need to learn and adopt those tips which are relevant to the present generation. We cannot apply a 90’s tips in the current generation to solve the problems.

On this World Health Day am going to discuss the things which we need to follow strictly to maintain a good health. And am targeting them who are continuously working in the tech field with their various software.

World's Showcase - Prasanna Dasari

This can also be applicable to all of the employees too. So, I am just going to share five most important things to do when you want to maintain a good health while working.

Just know your potential, do not degrade yourself and give up on the tasks which you have started. Whether it’s a project or a presentation for the seminar or any motivational piece of work you have done. It is not meant to go down just like that. You need to find a way out of the own borders and prove yourself.

Say no to the comparison, competition is good, but the constant comparison isn’t. it is good to have an eye on your competitors, but this doesn’t mean to compare your performance week by week to theirs. It is just to learn new tricks and business methods to apply in your own sector. Better not to compare or copy them, try to apply them in your own way. Because the world is always the biggest platform for competition and comparison kind of attitude will kill your spirit of goodness and positivity.

Time management is the only tool that will keep you fit both physically and mentally. And it is also the trait of a successful employee. If you maintain time for the personal things and professional things, then you rocks. Because we have only time on our hands, and we cannot control it or make it run according to our terms. Time management includes the personal health care too, like having meals in time and going to bed in time and waking up in time. Finishing the tasks in time will prevent most of the tension. So try to maintain some punctuality.

Being honest in whatever work you do will keep you away from the unnecessary tensions. If you are honest about what you’re doing then luckily you are saving the time by not thinking about the ways how to cover the things. When you are honest, you will have a good health, since your heart is transparent and clean, nobody will question you and even if they do so, you will be ready with all the genuineness.

Accept the failures, never consider a failure as committing a crime. Develop an attitude like come back another day. This doesn’t make you weak and slow, this positive thinking will allow you to learn something which you are not good at. If you are failed, accept it and try to learn from it and make sure not to repeat the same on your next try. Always remember, there is nothing called perfection that exists in the world which we are living in.

I hope all these five tips will motivate you and help you to keep your health. Because what I have personally observed these days is we are focusing on the other people more than ourselves, and this constant comparison is slowly entering into our minds and it is damaging the self-confidence.

These tips are not only for the tech stars but also for all the workers and students who are willing to have a good health. Because this is everyone’s dream.
This year’s theme for the World Health Day is Universal  Health Coverage: everyone, everywhere. And the slogan is ‘ Health For All’.

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