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Thursday, March 08, 2018

International Women's Day 2018 - Press for Progress

Women, the true power of the human existence, the reason and the only source for the world to move on. Today we are celebrating The International Women’s day, and this is the fourth consecutive year I am writing the blog post on Women’s day, I treat this as an honour to do so. Because, whenever I get the opportunity to speak about the women, I would include myself in the first row, because their importance and the topic importance is much needed in our society today.

IWD - Prasanna Dasari

We are reading, hearing and watching daily about the gender equality on the TV shows, Newspapers and few campaigns. But, to what extent they are able to impact the society is still unknown. In some villages, there are early marriages, the girl who wishes to study further is restricted, and many crimes are happening against her, harassments, both physically and mentally. All these challenges are yet to be overcome.

There are major changes in the educational field, some are very much appreciated, but the basic right for education for a female child is kept far from the topics. Paper works are not going to change this, we need to take action and bring the required change as soon as possible. We may celebrate many Women’s Days, but without any improvement, nothing is going to be a discussion worthy. All the campaigns, all the press notes, everything will be only meaningful if we see the change in the values. When a girl proudly shares her success story in any field, many are thinking that she didn’t make her on her own, they will create rumours on her success instead of appreciation she will take all the degradation and negative compliments.

Unfortunately, even the literates mostly don’t understand the importance of gender equality. This is not a time to point out the challenges, this is the time to discuss and implement on how we can defeat them in the future.
IWD - World's Showcase
Till now we have seen many speeches about the women empowerment, the reality is those who are suppressing the gender equality are still persisting in the society. We are unable to find the right solution for this.

It is the right time to power the powerful being. The woman is not weak, she performs multi-role in both the personal life and professional life. She has the ability to built the families and her as a mother, as a sister, as a wife, and as a good friend, she builds the relationships.

It is the time to kill the feeling that women are a weaker section of the society. It is the time, we need to make ourselves aware to realize the true passion of a woman. They are equal to men, and they have the right to education and employment.

When speaking about the marriage, parents and the families must give the priority to her choice. But, still, in many of the Indian villages, we see that when a girl crosses 18 years of age, everyone focuses on when she is going to get married. This pushes the parents to hurry up the marriage proses, and this speedy process will involve many risks. How many cases have we seen till today that the girl is being killed by the reason of something like dowry? Many cases. This is another big topic, dowry system is not taking the lives, but the mind system of the culture. A middle-class family with girls as their children will spend their half-life thinking and plan about their girl’s marriage.
IWD - Worlds Showcase
Dowry is the biggest enemy of the parents. We are still failing in eradicating this, some defend this system and some call this as a culture. Even the educated guys fall prey to the dowry. Who is the cause for this? How to stop this torturous process in our country? We need to raise our voice in this and implement few things which will make necessary changes in the evil system.

Whose mistake is here? Whom to point out? Many people are negotiating the dowry in our society, we are helpless here, we are back stepping here because we are not feeling that as a problem of our own.

Being the citizen of India we all have to feel responsible for removing these evil systems from the society. Just initiate the process and the result will be experienced in the coming generations, at least they won’t have to fight with the same problems again.

This year’s International Women’s Day theme is #PressforProgress below is the option to press your vote as support. Don't think as a waste of time, it is a beginning step to bring the change.

Am also adding the slideshow of the IWD 2018 selfie cards below.

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