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Sunday, January 28, 2018

Republic Day Celebrations at YTC, AISECT Bellampalle, Telangana.

Republic day celebrations and flag hoisting were celebrated in a heavenly manner at YTC (Youth Training Center), Bellampalli. This institution is powered by AISECT. Which stands for All India Society for Electronics and Computer Technology. Whole India has celebrated the 69th Republic day on 26th Jan 2018.

Mr. and Mrs. M. Kiran Kumar garu and the entire crew has participated in the National festival and made it a great event with their speeches and inspiring words.

Mr. M. Kiran Kumar garu, the Zonal Head, delivered his speech to the students and gave them an insight and awareness about the government’s latest projects which involves in the development of the student's career and he also spoke about the PMKVY and other such government initiated projects.

World's Showcase | Republic Day

He has personally counseled the students and cleared their doubts related to the training program.
We, being the part of the Indian Constitution it is our major responsibility to safeguard the constitutional laws and whenever needed we must be ready to take a role and strive to get to the next level in India’s success.

World's Showcase | Republic Day

We can only speak about success when we are well prepared and have content with us. Our Indian youth are the strongest ones, we have all the major sources, like time, energy and inspiration. With all these, our youth can bring a drastic change in the success level. Success stories are evolved from the hardworking minds and spirits. We need to motivate the youth and make them as the motivators of the future.

World's Showcase | Republic Day

These training centers like YTC mainly targets on the tribal youth and make them ready to reach their goals. It will guide the unemployed youth to find an employment and make them reach their destination.

World's Showcase | Republic day

AISECT will help the youth around India, not only in the Telangana State, but its wings are widespread and its scope is really amazing one. Their vision will attract you definitely.
AISECT has partnered with NSDC (National Skill Development Corporation) and therefore making India as a skill India. Education without any skill is a useless one, for any field of education, whether it is a technical one or non-technical one, there is a requirement for the skill to nourish and to practice and apply it in our lives.

World's Showcase | Republic day

We got the information but applying it is necessary. We must avail all these sources provided by the governments of both Central and the State, and make the country to compete in a global level.
The young generations are the wealth of the country and by preparing them to face the future challenges, making them the warriors in the problem-solving skills.

World's Showcase | Republic day

Currently, we are dwelling in the world where there is a lot of stress and now the requirement levels for the stress management has also increased. It is our aim to provide the students a likely environment in the classrooms and make them aware of the stress levels, they can dive into the world of competition and make themselves a room in this competitive world with all the skills they got. AISECT will apply all the teaching methods and there will be no student left with the unsatisfied performance. The trainers will take themselves to the level of the students and will teach them all kind of soft skills including the subject.

World's Showcase | Republic Day

Am proud to work in this enterprise and it is my honor to serve here as a tutor. The entire concept of AISECT is stunning and marvelous. We cannot find any such university elsewhere where they provide all of these for free of cost for the sake of the tribal people. And make them ready for placements.    

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