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Monday, December 25, 2017

The Perfect Christmas Gift

A real Christmas gift comes handy with the true love, love is eternal and it has no limits. Gifts are not always the materials, they are sometimes emotions and feelings too. Not those highly expensive gifts drag our heart, but an authentic love sign from a loved one.

Love and get loved, Christmas season is all about happiness, without spreading that happiness, it is the most selfish thing to do. When we are happy, we must make that happiness visible to all who are around us. Christmas defines the cheerfulness and it has all the moments saved to spread the smile.

These days in which we are living is full of competition and it has the least time to spend with the real people, the internet is the most happening thing currently and it’s been the best in all of our views. But, we are thereby missing the most important section in all our lives. Sharing the love with the people, sharing it with the friends and relatives, sharing it with the loved ones.

The most important thing in our lives is to express love, God has placed the special signs in all of us so that we can express the heartfelt love to each other. It has no bounds, no race, and no religion. Love is the same for all, for you, for me and for all of us. It cannot change like we do, it will never abandon us. God taught us that love through Jesus Christ. He had a strong determination, purpose and a pre-plan before sending his beloved son to the earth, which was then with full of filthy minded and arrogant behaviors, of course, even now we are in the same loop, a step forward we can call this. We are witnessing every bad activity and experiencing the brutal view of homo sapiens since their inception.

Christmas Special - World's Showcase

Full of grudge, full of hate and trust included itself in the list of scarcity.   The world has gone mad and it is driving us mad too. Amidst of these all, we are still surviving and battling against all odds.

We must not forget the only gift we are provided now is love, this Christmas season is the best one to greet and to meet. Forgive and live the life, live the life like a tree, which will provide the fruits without expecting anything from anyone, it will bear all the pain, bear all the stones thrown to it, it will bear all the agony and share with no one. But the in the sweetness, there’s no indifference, to them who loved the tree the sweet is same, and to them who hated it, the sweet is same. It is the pride, isn’t there something that we need to learn from the trees?

Talking about the celebrations, we do celebrate every day, aren’t we? Celebrations without love are nothing, they don’t sound like a happy occasion. When hatred is dwelling among us, then there is no place for any celebration. The costliest costumes and gifts are worthless here.

Those greetings from a true friend and a brother, who doesn’t talk to you much in a year, but he remembers you and wishes you in the morning. That one friend definitely will make our day. Our existence will only have a meaning if we communicate with many people. Without them, without communication, everything else fails.

So, the perfect Christmas gift is to speak to someone you love the most and also to speak and greet someone whom you dislike. In my case, personally, I found true love in this year ending and I saw the reality. Because all these days I took really a long gap, emotional turmoil and all sort of mental pains, I said a goodbye to all of them. I got a light to share with the world and am burning the torch.

Wishing you all my dear ones a Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year. See you in the next post. 


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