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Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Second Chance Book Review

We all discuss the second chances in our lives and how we utilized them and they will become a part of our experiences. We might have heard many of us also talking about availing a second chance and making use of it. In life, these second chances are not always availed. There are few cases where we can make use of the second chance. And behind left are many which we cannot even think that we deserve a second chance.

A second chance is only available mostly because of the forgiveness and there are so many mistakes which we can’t rectify even if we got a second chance.

“Do I deserve a second chance?” is the question that hits our mind when we failed in doing something which is important. Second chances are like a new life, starting from the scratch and not repeating the same blunders which we did in the first. It is like learning from the past and those lessons will show us the newly laid path which will allow us to walk very carefully.

This is ridiculous when we come to the death because there will be no second chance given to a person after his death. If one is dead, it’s a complete end to his story and it cannot be lived again. If someone got a second chance after his death and if he corrected all the mistakes he did in the past life, how is that feeling? It gives us a shocking experience, right? And it is hard to believe too.
Today we are going to see such a person, who is egoistic, billionaire, lusty, and what not, every bad habit lover. He is none other than Mr. Shekhar Kapoor, the chairman of the Aerowalk, a shoe company. Don’t ask me where is it, because it is actually from the book SECOND CHANCE written by DR. SANDEEP JATWA.

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Today I am going to review this book and it will be really a long post. Because I loved this novel very much and it is much closer to many lives. I am so glad that I received the copy from the author directly for the review and it had made me realize my mistakes. The book spoke to me directly, even I have those loop holes in my life which I need to correct in my mind and it has embedded in it the multiple emotions. Love, grief, greed, anger, humor, respect and more. This is how the book is written to change the thought process of the many people and Dr. Sandeep Jatwa did it very well.
Dr. Sandeep Jatwa is from holy city Ujjain and he attained an M.B.B.S from MGM Medical College, Indore. He is a good dreamer of stories and this book exposes us his intelligence and his love for writing.

Characters insight:
Every character in the book is so close to the reality and one will not make us say that it is misplaced in the storyline or unnecessary. There are no jamming of characters, we can remember the names and their behavior and can identify them easily again when they are introduced somewhere in the middle of the story.
This is a single character centered novel and you will see the constant characters and guest characters. It is not possible to discuss in detail about each character, instead of that I am going to give you a view of the main characters and their roles in the story and their attitudes.

Balraj Kapoor: Father of Shekhar Kapoor and a person with paralysis. He is on his death bed dying and his son stopped talking to him after his mother’s death in a car accident. Shekhar thought his father Balraj ‘killed’her by allowing her to drive the car alone knowing that she can’t drive good.
He is the person of respect and love, and he did not have any hopes for the love to receive until the end of the story. Later his real caring and friendly nature, popularity is known.

Unnati Sharma: The beautiful girl in the Aerowalk staff and Shekhar had a longing lust for her. She is a very straight forward girl and she won’t sell her self-respect for anything, even for her promotion, she didn’t agree with Shekhar’s long lasting wish. She is hardworking, talented, goal oriented and she resembles every good girl out there.

Mr. Kailash: The 59-year gentleman and the most talented one in the entire Aerowalk. His experience is amazing and he knows everything about the company, he has been working with the company for 30 years and he was appointed as General Manager by Balraj Kapoor because of his talent and skills.
Kailashji got demoted by Shekhar Kapoor after his father stopped taking care of the company because of the sickness. Shekhar Kapoor hates his father, but still, he couldn’t remove Kailashji because he is his dad’s favorite.

Manish Kshirsagar: The present General Manager of the Aerowalk and he is a dumb guy in the beginning of the story. He only knows to arrange girls for Shekhar Kapoor and then ignoring the development of the company. There will be no good office work done by him so far, but still, Shekhar wanted him to be his GM.

Ashutosh Upadhyay: The Chairman of Feet land company and a major competition for the Aerowalk. Loving, dignified, caring, motivational and never giving up are his strengths. He takes as sportive when coming to the dealing with his competitors. Personally, I love this character, because he didn’t lose his hope even when everything he had was seized from him, still with all the courage and especially the love for his only daughter and his deceased wife made him fight for his life. He knows how to accept the truth and move on according to the time.

This character is very much inspirational because we are seeing many people are ending their lives by suicides. They don’t think about the left over the person(s) who care for them and they just lose all the hopes and that urge will push them to commit a suicide. In the case of Ashutosh, he has lost everything and still his attitude never changed and the passion in him just got increased. Many young men today can take this character as inspiration.
Manohar: The old servant of Balraj Kapoor’s family and he is treated as one among the family. His love for Shekhar Kapoor since he was a child is a pure one. He remembered all those smiles and joyful shouts in the house. Now it is all gloomy and his duty is only to cook and feed his Bade Sahib, Balraj Kapoor, who is a bed ridden and waiting for the deliverance from that sickness, literally death.
Manohar cared for Shekhar very much and Shekhar realizes this later, but in the beginning, his rash behavior is same with Manohar too.

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In to the story:
This book has one main character and it is Shekhar Kapoor, the entire novel rotates around him. In the begging, we will see Shekhar as an egoistic and pride person. Who has no fear at all and he is bossy in his attitude. He is a person who always thinks he is the perfect and his decisions are always on top. He doesn't value others opinion or at least listens to their views and thoughts. The author portrayed the villainous Shekar Kapoor in a way so that we can visualize him mentally. His actions mentioned in the book will make you angry and gnash your teeth. Sincerely I liked much how his character is related to the reality. Anyone who started reading the book for the first time will begin to hate Shekhar Kapoor much because of his indecency and bad attitude. He loved only one person and respected much, her mother who left him when he was a child and joining heaven. He lives with that loss in his heart and he had to spend sleep fewer nights because of this.

The author makes us excite and forces us to stick with the book. The excitement is equally shared and there are not many predictable scenes. Suspense is equally shared until the end and each chapter begins with the new issue and then ends in all peace.

As I have mentioned earlier, this book has multiple emotions packed up. It made me cry, laugh, angry, pity, what not every feeling inside me is out while reading it. The moments here will reflect our attitude in this technology driven world. At some point or the other, we must be the villainous Shekhar Kapoor and that is why the main character is so close to all our lives and there is a need to rectify if found any bad attitude in us. May be it’s hiding somewhere, but while reading the book it will knock your heart doors and will say “Hey, I am you, I live in you too, it is just that you don’t realize. May be you are not ready to accept”

The Second Chance book has 17 chapters, and the caption of the book says “IF YOU WERE GIVEN A SECOND CHANCE HOW WOULD YOU CHANGE THINGS…” this is very much thought and it is better to change things before the second chance will creep in because we don’t know. We are not as much luck as Shekhar Kapoor to live a good life in our second chance. We may be too late to act and things might have gone wrong and beyond our control. This book will help you to take that second chance right now before it’s too late. That’s why you need to read it to handle the reality.

I have given you a view of Shekhar Kapoor’s life before the second chance. He has received the signs and warnings from the city of justice to change his attitude. He feared and realized something is happening, but he ignored that his wealth will be his shield and he can face any kind of trouble easily. His thought process is if the problem is too hard either he will buy the solution or just destroy the problem itself. He thinks that a billionaire cannot die in these days because they can afford all the latest treatments and they can cure any kind of disease easily. He strongly believed in this and he only came to know that death is inevitable when he met with an accident.
So before reading, the reader must understand that this book is the fiction and it has the heaven and hell. The city of justice mentioned here is the place where humans will get judged according to their deeds on the earth during the time of their living. It has the monsters and God of justice and the assistants in the hell too. Shekhar Kapoor’s second chance here means his second life. He actually dies in an accident in his black Cadillac and visits hell. Am not going to reveal all the secrets here, you will be amazed to see the time he spent in the hell. To know it, just get this book.

The first three chapters are the three warnings for Shekhar Kapoor and he receives the first one via a mysterious phone call and the second one in the dream and the final third one through a letter. All these are next to impossible and that made Shekhar not to share with anyone. However, with the person like him with that greedy attitude, there will be no good friends. Shekhar has only a good friend and he is Dr. Gupta. When he is not around, even not available on call, then Shekhar is completely alone even he is surrounded by many people. By this the author wants us to know that even the wealthiest person cannot buy the happiness, but the good works he does and all such things will make his surroundings filled with the cheerfulness and the required happiness is hence found.

All the incidents in Shekhar’s life are close to all of our lives, we are the best and the worst, we do what we wish to do and we ignore the feelings of others. This is hard to accept, but still a bitter truth.
This book is helpful to them who are willing to learn a work etiquette and also learning to be professional. From what Shekhar shows here, we must not repeat the same. There will be the moments where we have to behave ourselves and then we must learn to respect even the lower category of colleagues. When we give a smile to a peon, he will smile back, if we throw a harsh look, he will develop a bad feeling against us. Of course, that won’t affect your work, but you just lost a person, as a human being, we need to maintain good relationships with all the categories of people.
Let’s see the explanation in the book, we can say the author is really expressive. His thoughts and writing reveal that he is a keen observer and an analyst. Dr. Sandeep placed the character introduction in its own place without losing the center of the situation and the theme of the story.

Coming to the humor, it is placed well too. Even Shekhar Kapoor’s character is serious and filled with frustration, the author tried the funny moments mixing with the serious tone. The following words will reveal it.

When Dr. Gupta said that he is going to attend a conference in Australia he asked as follows.
‘Do you want anything from Australia?’
‘Bring a Kangaroo for me’ replied Shekhar Kapoor.
13 times in a month the city of justice brought the warnings into his notice and Shekhar began to feel terrified, but still, he is not going to take that as serious and he is unable to have a peaceful mind. And the letter straight from the City of Justice reads like this…

Mr. Shekhar Balraj Kapoor,
You are being informed that you are not stopping your wrongdoings instead of getting the first message. Stop it or it will lead you into a terrible trouble. It is your second message; we hope you will not give us a reason to send you the third and final message.
                                                                          Thank you
                                                                      City of Justice

Even though Shekhar did not change his mind and the ego in him did not allow him to accept his own mistakes and turn to good.
This clearly shows us that there is always a sign from somewhere for us to make us realize about our own blunders. It may take some time to realize them and eliminate them, but if we delay a lot and then we have to face the circumstances.
How is the hell like?

World's Showcase - Book reviews

There are different views and opinions and different kind of perspectives regarding with topic. One thing about hell is common, whatever may be the religion and its concepts. Those religions which will speak about the hell, the torment. The fierce fire and the dangerous talks about it are the same.
In the Second Chance, there are very deep explanations related to the hell and they are really a heart pounding things. The gates, the monsters, their rules and regulations, their punishments and their attires, all are explained in detail and there will be more goose bumps if you read all of them in person.
Let us see the following paragraph about the restaurant in the City of Justice.

“The restaurant was immense, enthralling and oval with hundreds of round glass tables and four golden chairs around each. The waiters were bustling about the restaurant with trays in their hands for serving their customers who were sitting around glass tables. At some tables, one or two people were sitting and at some, the whole family was sitting and Shekhar was surprised to see that most of them were blood soaked.”

Now after reading this, you will know how clearly the author has explained the view of the City of Justice and the places there. I assure you, you will definitely love this.
Shekhar didn’t realize his own mistakes and he never felt sorry as long as the Bookkeeper showed him his deeds on earth. Even he showed those incidents which Shekhar had forgotten. Those were the deeds of his teenage where he got involved in making a person to lose his legs.

Shekhar also saw the present things which are happening on the earth, and after hearing all these and visualizing his bad deeds on the smoke screen, it took really a long time for Shekhar to feel sorry for what he had done. He thought poor people and the older people are a loss to this earth and he spoke like they didn’t have any right to live. With a female beggar at a signal point, he talked so badly and insulted her instead of helping her. He also thought that the old age homes are shit.

His encounter with the Bookkeeper made him see himself. That moment Shekhar has completely transformed into a new personality. The love, tears, regret, obedience, all these crept in him. He is the one who is now completely broken and has no point and right to live. He accepted his mistakes and asked the God of Justice to punish him.

World's Showcase - Book reviews

Dr. Sandeep Jatwa wrote this book with all his heart, the intellectuality of him is reflected in each and every page in this book. The way he tried to speak with the people who are reading this book is appreciated. His work is praised by anyone who will read Second Chance.

MY RATING: 4.7/5
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