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Friday, July 14, 2017

Best Online Shopping Site -

When we receive a hamper from a foreign brand and they fill the basket with the goodies and surprising gifts, as a blogger it feels really amazing and I do felt the same.
It is from the I have received and it is from a neighboring country China. And I am really in love with these products and I am going to share my honest review on the products which I have received.
First things first, has friendly representatives who will respond to our emails in a gentle way and they are ready to solve your issues related to the products and delivery within few minutes. I really love their customer service.
I have received five different products from them for review and also I am going to introduce to you all the new shoppingsite and the various products they have in their showcase for you.

The following are the products I have received from and they are unique and I will give you the detailed insights about these products.

1.    LED Flashlight
2.    Magnetic Headsets (with mic)
3.    Earrings
4.    Necklace
5.    T-shirt (for women)

Let’s see the in detail review of these products.

T6 LED Flashlight:

Everyone needs a flashlight in their pocket, you may say that gone are the days where people carried the flashlights when they went outdoors to work, the latest mobile phones replaced these torches and now we find very rare old school guys carrying a torch or a flashlight, but in my opinion, old is gold. And carrying a flashlight separately will not make you look weird but wise.
World's Showcase -

Why because a tool especially meant for a special purpose will never be a waste. My dad still prefer carrying a flashlight along with his phone and while bicycling even I do attach it to the handle for signaling purpose and moreover, it’s a fashionable look too.
World's Showcase -

This torch has some special and attractive qualities and they are useful for all ages and we can get this at a very lowest price. And it’s specifications is really admirable and everyone will be in love with this after purchasing the product.
This is a 5000 LM probe shiny T6  LED Zoomable 5 Modes Flashlight lamp set and its functions are for multiple uses.
It is made up of aluminum alloy with an easy portability because it’s light weight.
World's Showcase -

It has a safety hammer at the back side, when there is any fire accidents or time to escape from the buses, this hammer will be used to break the glass.
The five modes in this torch are.
•    High
•    Middle
•    Low
•    Strobe
•    SOS
World's Showcase -

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Magnetic Headsets (with mic):

Almost every one of us loves to hear the music, when we are in a journey or taking a break from work. These headsets are flexible to carry and have an amazing sound experience.
This has a stereo sound and compatible with mobiles/laptops/PC. With 1.2 m length and 3.5 mm jack, these headsets are waterproof and sweatproof.

Worlds Showcase -

When you are at the gym or going out for a walk in the early morning, these headsets are a perfect match. When not in use, due to the magnet, we can wear them as a necklace and carry them anywhere we go. We can call these headsets as the perfect workout headsets.
These headsets have an oxidized cavity metal and are really resistant to the maximum damage. One night I forgot to unplug them and by keeping these headsets I rolled over them all the night when I woke up in the morning, I assumed that they may have damaged like the other headsets. But, to my surprise, these headsets didn’t damage and still working perfectly without any complaints.

World's Showcase -

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CZ crystal earrings:

These are the teardrop designed earrings and are really attractive to wear. These are elegant and suitable to wear on ethnic costumes and party wears.
World's Showcase -

The rich color and the beautiful style make these earrings any girl’s favorite in their list.

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World's Showcase -

Necklaces are really an addition to the beauty of the girls, there are various types of necklaces available in the market and definitely, this one will shine up in your collection.

Worlds Showcase -

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T- shirt:

T- shirts entry in the fashion industry has changed the entire model of style and they started to rule the world. What we have here is the sleeveless casual chiffon T-shirt for women with crew neck and solid pattern. I chose the blue color and this looks amazing. Have a look at the below pictures.

Worlds Showcase -
World's Showcase -

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