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Sunday, June 18, 2017

My Hero - Father's day special post

I still remember very well, when I was in my school there is a lesson called 'Family' and it started with the line saying 'Father is the head of the family' then I kept it in my mind and memorized it all these years. Though the true meaning in it is only revealed when I entered high school.

I never went alone to the school, always accompanied by my dad or sometimes my sister. All my friends called me a coward and I didn't get hurt at all because it was what I am in the past. There are almost many things to which I was scared of. To cross a road and to walk next to a hospital, everything. And my dad knew this and he always dropped me at the school and in the evening he picked me up.

World's Showcase - Father's day

You can find us anywhere in Adilabad, even at my dad's office. We roamed all places together and left no new place unexplored. This is my relationship with my dad in my childhood.

I still go out with my dad and I still feel the same kid feeling like everything is new to me, he taught me how to travel alone, how to interact with people. Am glad to learn them all from my dad.

Here I am what I am today because of him and his efforts. My entire life isn't enough to thank him.

My dad never punished me, he is a man of faith and he loves to follow the, but for me, he didn't follow a rule in it. The Bible many times talked about disciplining the child by the father, it says there that any father didn't punish his son then it's like that father is allowing the child to go down a wrong path. And it says as follows

“Whoever spares the rod hates his son, but he who loves him is diligent to discipline him” Proverbs 13:24

In the above verse it says to punish the son, but even now my dad didn't apply this in his life. He didn't follow the Bible here. That doesn't mean I was that good, I did a number of mistakes and he bears them as like his. He forgave me every time and still he's the same.

Did that love make me disobedient? No is my answer, I learn from his patience and love, he is a teacher to me. I don't remember the days when I roamed on roads with friends, I always felt hard to find friends, but I very well remember those days I roamed with him. He is my best friend.

He is the form of forgiveness and abundant love. He showed me the good path to walk and shaped me as a good person. On this Father's day am wishing the hero of my life, my best friend, my guide, my rescuer, my lover, my all time mentor, my dad a happy Father's day.

To all those amazing dads out there, I wish them a happy Father's day.
I wish to show my love to all these real life heroes and to represent their ultimate sacrifices in the form of the following words.

World's Showcase - Father's day

I was impressed with the stunts of the heroes,
Those are much away from the reality,
Then I began to search for the real hero.
One day when struck amidst of the problem.

There came my dad to save me from it.
Then another day I was again in a confusion,
That confusion brought me the depression
I thought that any superhero or their powers would come to my aid.
But later that day it was completely different,
The person who solved my problem is my dad.

Another day I was alone with my dad,
his action filled words and daring proved
me that I found a  real hero,
who will help me in dealing with the real life problems?

On a holiday I took time and told him,
dad, you are a real hero, quite different from that of movies.
Then he just laughed and told me that,
“I am no hero, it is the life that decides who is the real hero.

One day, someday you will pass through the toughest
situations, those situations will teach you how to
make life easier to live.
Then you will realize, the true hero is nowhere but within you. 

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