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Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Me and My Mom - Mother's Day Special Post

The moment we step in this world we first see our mother's face and that moment is really awesome. As a just born child, we don't know anything, no feeling of happiness or sad, but we took the birth and brought into this world.  
A mother will feel much happy that her kid is now born and she shares this moment with everyone and she cherishes in that as long as she lives. 
Mother is our first mentor, she has multiple duties to do. As a wife, as a sister, as a mother, she has to share lots of love with everyone in her life. That is really a blessing. We all love our moms because we learn how to live by seeing her, how to handle the stress and all other things.  

World's Showcase - Mother's day

Today am here to share few lines about my mom. Who is my greatest inspiration of all time? No matter how much I write about her, I still will have a feeling that I just wrote an introduction. That much I love her.  
There might me millions of moments I had with her during my childhood, sometimes I view them as they were in my dreams. I get hurt when I behaved much foolishly with her, fighting over issues which are not even meaningful ones. 
I know she is strong enough to keep me safe from any kind of evil, she did protect me many times. I cannot repay her because that is her love towards me, unconditional and priceless.  
My childhood is almost spent with my mom, Dad went out to work and sister to school. Being the youngest child in my family I have loads of love and much of benefits. I admit my craziness here, I was crazy about toys in those days, I got whatever I wished, indeed I forced my parents in purchasing. In some cases, I used my mom's recommendation in getting what I wished for.  
She is there, always saving me from that bullying from the senior guys, she still does the same. Sometimes I feel like saying that, 'It's okay mom! Am grown up now and I can handle all by myself', but my heart prevents me from uttering it. Because I feel secure and safe under her wings. Maybe am grown up and knows how to react, but am still her child who had complained about anything and everything. 
Speaking about the mother's love, I can say that I didn't witness all of it. Since my mom is sick always and dad had to rush her to a hospital every time. When am 10 years old, she got the high fever and bed-ridden for three months. Then I felt like my connection with her has lost and I couldn't make it to visit her in the care unit.  
I took all the pain, shared it with my dad and sister. They did not allow me to go to a hospital because it was serious fever, and I may get scared by seeing my mom in that state. 
Those were the most brutal days in my life, I was really in pain. My mom has sacrificed everything for me and I was like just a selfish child. 

World's Showcase - Mother's day
She is a good cooker like Shashi Godbole in English Vinglish. And my mom ( Susheela Dasari ) also felt same as Shashi. But, what is the difference is we never made fun of her. We all accepted her as she is. 
I still love her confidence and a fighting nature, she went into the coma and came back. She is the strongest one and she taught me to withstand in times of trouble and made me a warrior. My mom is my first teacher, whatever knowledge I possess now, it is all because of her hard work. 
Coming to the tasty dishes, my mom is a chef, yeah, I can call her a chef even though she didn't take any degree in hotel management, she cooked delicious dishes and she taught the same to my sister. 
She taught me all the moral values and made me what I am today, that credit completely goes to her.  
My relationship with my mom is always an amazing one, I learned how to live and how to behave and all the respect from her, she followed the good path and made me follow the same. Am lucky to have her. She shaped me from the shapeless path of living and impacted me in a good way. 
She is old and weak now, she may not cook those all delicious dishes again, but still, I love her. She is weak now and cannot do her own work, well that doesn't matter at all, we are still there to assist her and make her comfortable. 
I know she will forgive me for whatever wrong I did and all those foolish actions. Because she is my mom, she will never let me down. 
She is a filmy mom, she sings good and she admires the old school o 
On this Mother's day, I would like to gift her a very precious gift, that will be a modified me, without any anger and a good listener. And I can choose any gift from the Bigsmall too.  
I accept her as she is and I love my mom very much. 
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