WWE RAW - Kurt Angle Is The New GM - Return Of Finn Balor - World's Showcase


Tuesday, April 04, 2017

WWE RAW - Kurt Angle Is The New GM - Return Of Finn Balor

The night after Wrestlemania is always chilling with the crowd's chant, last time with Shane McMahon, this time it is The Undertaker, which lasted almost for three minutes.  
WWE Universe really did a great job by doing this. The Undertaker deserves this. Monday night Raw started with the visuals of Reigns defeating The Phenom. Then crowds booed Romans and they are now completely viewing Romans as a heel. 

World's Showcase - WWE

Romans only said these words “This is my yard now” and left the ring. Monday night Raw filled with the attractions like the Chairman Vince McMahon announcement for a possible draft next week and appointing the Kurt Angle as the new General Manager of Raw, who is inducted into Hall Of Fame the night before Wrestlemania. 
The return of Finn Balor, the first ever WWE Universal Champion made his return to WWE.  
He took part in a match which is the Tag Team match. And he is with Seth Rollins who was set to face Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe with Chris Jericho as a partner. But at the backstage interview session, Owens with Joe attacked Chris and took him out of the match.  
What's next in RAW: 
Now, this is exciting, Finn Balor returns and Kurt the new GM. We can see still the loopholes in the show. That might be filled with the next week's draft. 
RAW is always on top when compared to Smackdown, now the time has come to run the RAW like in those PG era shows. The creatives must have the plans and they are prepared to make necessary changes. 
Romans is now the face of the industry, but still, the WWE Universe don't like him. They began to chant 'Roman sucks', 'delete', etc. 
The new tag team champions Hardy Boyz may now be the major attraction for the show.  
This Monday night RAW is really the best one. There will be no Steph for few weeks, this is because of the injury she had during her husband's match. 
We can now see the Kurt's another side as an associate. Can he keep up? Can he make great matches? We will see this in the near future. 
Did The Undertaker really retired? 
This is the only question now in all of the WWE fans. This is hard to say, but we have to accept the truth that we may not see the dead man wrestling or appear in any televised event for many months.  
The COO Triple H made the following Tweet about The Undertaker.  
We have already seen many other wrestlers had tweeted a goodbye note to The Undertaker. Tweet of Triple H now adds some base that we almost lost the legendary character. 
Why Roman Reigns? 
Personally, I don't like to see The Undertaker laying down until the three count. I don't want to see him pinned by any other superstar. What hurt me most is that this legend left the industry with a loss, that too to Roman Reigns. 
Why Roman, why not any other? This is not going right, we dreamed a big match- Brock Lesnar vs. Goldberg. Then the fantasy warfare just got real. We also dreamed of John Cena vs. The Undertaker. But, that didn't happen. Reasons are still blurred. 
The Undertaker's health is also important, after losing to Brock, the Phenom keeps on getting medical assistance. His legacy will live forever, but he need to retire someday, that day is this Wrestlemania 
The new Universal Champion Brock Lesnar may have the feud with the newbie monster Braun. Maybe this is happening at Extreme Rules, we cannot confirm this until they both involve in another confrontation.  
For now, am still sad that The Undertaker tasted the loss at Wrestlemania and he left his gear in the ring. We have seen some writings saying that he might reborn again like he did many times before. But, this may not be true, because The Undertaker never left his gear like that.  
He didn't wear the coat after the match in past, these are the signs of his retirement. 

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