World Health Day 2017 special - Let's Talk - World's Showcase


Friday, April 07, 2017

World Health Day 2017 special - Let's Talk

We are watching those people who are depressed and themselves isolated from the chain of this society. We are witnessing them, who are ending their valuable lives in the middle of the journey of life. 
Why are they depressed? Why can't we help them to overcome that state of depression? It is so sad to hear that our friend is not in our group, gone to the distance where we cannot reach or find him. Why our friend took her life and left us, can we do something to those who are suffering from the similar problem, can we learn something from those suicides?  

World's Showcase - World Health Day - Depression

  Depression is hitting everyone, all genders, all ages and all races. It has no indifference, each and every country is losing their people at a higher rate because of the depressed suicides.  
Isn't it the time to take action, not as a professional, but as fellow humans. We can bring some change to their thoughts by spending few minutes with them.  
We all get depressed at some point or the other, but that isn't chronic. We have the chemical balance in our brain that when the situation passes, that depression gets disappeared. Not all are like these, even I was a victim of the major depression. I survived because of my family, it is really unfortunate to share, but I was really betrayed by my friends. Am not complaining about them here, if they took notice of my state before and helped me, I might become more active and successful by today. More mental strength and more power.  

World's showcase - depression

Now, I don't want to see anyone in that kind of state. Whoever you might me, ping me on my social sites and say just 'am depressed', it may be any time in the day or morning. I will answer you, not because am great then you, only because I was there where you are now, I have gone through all those which you are suffering now. 
Loneliness is the only thing that pushes a person towards the suicidal tendencies. If he/she got that kind of enough space, then they will take the bold step to end their lives.  
2017 World Health Day Theme is Depression, the campaign slogan is Depression: let's talk. 
The overall goal of this one-year campaign, which began on 10 October 2016, World Mental Health Day is that more people with depression, in all countries, seek and get help. 
We all have to participate in treating the depression victims, this is like a slow poison and it will eat once it enters the mind. Nobody is inevitable, everybody of all ages has to undergo this. The only thing matters are, beating it with the real time strategies and participating in the campaigns and supporting. 
This is not just a topic to discuss and forget, this is only can be reduced if everyone show interest in helping others. The problems are always there, they are just the same from the beginning, we need to know that they are not permanent. Start thinking practically, be mature in taking crucial decisions, never hurt anyone or get hurt by anyone.  
You must always remember that you are not alone. 
. The general public is better informed about depression, its causes and possible consequences, including suicide, and what help is or can be available for prevention and treatment; 
. people with depression seek help; and 
. Family, friends, and colleagues of people living with depression are able to provide support. 

World's Showcase - depression.

Below are the Overarching Messages from WHO.  
  • Depression is a common mental disorder that affects people of all ages, from all walks of life, in all countries. 
  • The risk of becoming depressed is increased by poverty, unemployment, life events such as the death of a loved one or a relationship breakup, physical illness and problems caused by alcohol and drug use. 
  • Depression causes mental anguish and can impact on people’s ability to carry out even the simplest everyday tasks, with sometimes devastating consequences for relationships with family and friends. 
  • Untreated depression can prevent people from working and participating in family and community life. 
  • At worst, depression can lead to suicide. 
  • Depression can be effectively prevented and treated. Treatment usually involves either a talking therapy or antidepressant medication or a combination of these. 
  • Overcoming the stigma often associated with depression will lead to more people getting help. 
  • Talking with people you trust can be the first step towards recovery. 

 Today let's take an oath and move forward with a plan. Leave not those who are behaving differently than usual. If someone asks you more for privacy, don't punish them or don't force them. Leave them alone, but keep an eye on them.  

Am going to write a book in a month on how to overcome this depression, this is a promise. 
Hashtag: #LetsTalk 

Image credits: Posters and PDF are courtesy of WHO / Girl near river background image is from

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