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Friday, April 14, 2017

Interview With CEO and Founder - Abhinav Jain

We all love WhatsApp, don't we? Many of us always change their status and display pictures. To those who are rarely active they will wonder how do these guys change the status regularly. 
One of my friend in contacts list has the same status, the default one which WhatsApp assigns after signing up, it says 'Hey there am using WhatsApp' of course now with the updated version of the WhatsApp we said a big goodbye to such status. 
Now we can share pictures and text included pictures. Today we are going to see a new site which is related to the WhatsApp status. 
When WhatsApp stepped into the stores, it is downloaded by many users around the globe. Because of its speed and reliability. It is still dominating the messengers which are present in the stores before WhatsApp. 
Almost every smartphone user knows this app, and many are using it. And also they are much satisfied with the features in it. 
WhatsApp related apps and websites evolved after the success of WhatsApp. They will provide tips and tricks, profile photos, funny viral messages, statuses etc. 
We all who are using WhatsApp came across all these contents. We receive many messages and images, which are from the third party sites. 
Have you ever wait for a minute and keep on thinking about changing your WhatsApp status? Are you in a good mood and your mind is lacking words to express in the right way? If you say yes to any of the questions, then better you must visit the site called  
Today we are going to know about and the idea behind its inception. And also we are going to hear from the CEO of Whatsstatus is the World's best community for the writers who would like to write the WhatsApp statuses. And the unique thing about this site is they pay for writing statuses.  
With 60 categories of statuses available and the total number of statuses are 15,400, racing towards 20,000. With 40,000 plus writers joined in this site and they are really enjoying this by contributing and earning. 
You can choose the desired status from the categories according to your mood.  
We have Mr. Abhinav Jain here with us, the CEO/Founder of He is ready to share his success story and his views. 

World's Showcase -

Let's dive in... 
(1). Hello Mr. Abhinav, welcome to World's Showcase, we are really proud to have you here. Our readers would like to know more about you, please share a few lines.  
Hi, my full name is Abhinav Jain and I am from Delhi. Since my school days, I always wanted to become Entrepreneur, and Online Business used to fascinate me. It was during my school days I used to read a lot on how things work online and that is how I got basic knowledge regarding Internet Marketing. I got my first job with then, and lastly It has been long Journey. Now with more than 10+ years of Experience in Digital Marketing, I decided to start on my own and that is where came in. 
(2). is a completely unique concept. How did you get this idea? Is anyone behind this or just your brain alone?  
Yes, is a unique concept. As I always wanted to become an entrepreneur, so I always keep looking for niches which can be explored. And one day when I was looking for Birthday Whatsapp status to wish my wife and started searching on google. And I found so many blogs but none of them have updated status for long and most of this blog were just having 1000 or max 2000 status. That is when the idea to build a Global WhatsApp Status Writer Community came in. I am the only person behind Idea. 
(3). Kindly share with us about your team. And how do you manage it?  
In our team we have. 
(Abhinav Jain) - I manage everything which includes Marketing & Management 
(Rashid Mohammad) - Our Freelance Designer 
(Amit Kumar) - Our Freelance Developer 
(40000+ Writers) - Out of these 40000+ writers, many of them work for me remotely and handle Social Media Marketing for the website other than writing WhatsApp status. 
(4). What/Who has inspired you most in your life?  
Well, I am inspired by Milkha Singh. And I just love his life inspired the movie "Bhag Milkha Bhag".  

World's Showcase - Whatsstatus

(5). Your achievements so far.  
My Personal Achievements. 
1) (IndiaMart venture) - I started Affiliate Marketing Program & International Sales for from scratch and I did it single-handedly. Within a year time, I did bring 1000+ Affiliate and over Rs 300000 monthly revenue from it. I also brought over 60 paid international clients.  
2) - When I joined this company we were just 5 employees in total. And our parent company which is in London never trusted on our capabilities. So we got 3 websites initially to work on. 1 website was about Hotel bookings in London and another 2 were about Party Venue Booking in London. I took in charge of them revamped them and did SEO for them. Within 6 months all 3 websites where ranking in First 3 positions on google for very high competitive keywords. With that our revenue from all 3 websites crossed (GBP 300000) for the first time in a Month. After that, there was no stopping and our parent company acknowledged our capabilities and we started getting bigger assignments. Today company does have more than 30 Employees. 
3) – Mr. Alex Kabir a USA national wanted to start a company in India and he got my resume from He visited India and met me many times and put the proposal in front me. He also did interview many more prospective candidates for the same position but selected me. With this, I started this Digital Marketing Agency with Mr. Alex Kabir. I did everything from setting up the office, arranging computer system, building team and managing accounts. Single handily I managed complete unit in India. I was Project Head in the unit in India. I worked with Save marketing for 1 year and during that period we success successfully delivered more than 60 + Website development & SEO projects. We also delivered more than 10 PPC projects. Now the company has moved the office from Rajouri Garden Delhi to Noida Sector 2 and does have 2 BIG Floors and is growing. Project Achievements. 
1) Biggest Network of Whatsapp Status Writers 
2) More than 40000 + Registered Writers 
3) More than 30000 Status Submitted till now out of which 15000 statuses are approved and published on our website.  
4) More than 60 WhatsApp Status Category to choose from as per your mood. 
5) More than Rs 17000 Paid to our writers for their contribution. 
(6). What are the challenges you faced during the early days after launching
Oh, it was not that easy, especially when I was handling everything myself. But as I have already done it before single-handedly with companies I have worked with I was able to sail through easily. I know how to build things and scale them. 
1) The major problem was to build trust among writers. As almost everyone was in doubt that is this real or fake. Will we pay or not. But with time things started working. When I issued our first payment all writers who were eligible for payment were simply happy and amazed that it is real. The ball really started rolling when we introduced Testimonial Feature and published testimonial of our writers on Contributor page.   
2) Another challenge was to make writers understand as to how the whole system works. For that, I even called each user on their phone and explained them. 
(7). What are your hobbies and interests?  
I am computer addict and that is what interests me most. 
1) Online Businesses 
2) Traveling 
When I am not working or just want a break from it then I like to Travel. Traveling gives me some peace as for few days I like to stay away from Computer & Mobile and just relax and explore the world out there. I have traveled a lot throughout India.  

World's Showcase - Whatsstatus

(8). To those who are coming up with the similar idea like yours, and who are going live with their own sites, what are your suggestions to them.  

Making a website is easy. You can hire a developer who can develop a simple website for you in Rs 3000. The hardest part is marketing, if you are not an expert yourself or do not have an expert marketer in your team then it does not matter how good or big your website is you are going to lose your money. 
Secondly, Online Marketing is a constant work, you cannot stop, you will get results only if you keep improving or else you will lose. 
(9). How do you handle stress? Because maintaining such a big site isn't kids play, what will you do to overcome the daily stress? 
Whenever I feel low in energy or want to lift myself I simply listen to songs of "Bhag Milkha Bhag" movie and trust me they just pump me up. 
(10). Please share a few lines about the writers of Also, share how did your family and friends felt when you first introduced them this concept.  
I have spoken to many of our writers and each of them simply loved the concept of You can read more on this page as to what our writers have to say about us. 
Many of my Family members actually did not know that people even search for Whatsapp Status on Google, for them Whatsapp Status was something which they can create from their own thoughts. Frankly speaking, even I was not aware of this until the day I was running short of words to put a status and wish my wife Happy Birthday. But now my friends and family member keep on sharing status from 
I think there are Millions of people who are still not aware of websites like where using of Whatsapp can find new status as per their mood.   
Thank you, Mr. Abhinav for spending time with us and sharing your valuable views and opinions. We are very happy to know about your achievements and your growth. 
World's Showcase wishes you all the success in the future.  

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