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Saturday, April 01, 2017

Interview With Sofia From CIRIANA ROMA

The Fashion industry is growing rapidly these days and we all are really in love with the latest trends and designs from various brands. 
I know many brands and all of them are doing amazing in introducing the exquisite costumes and they are doing well in the market. But, am only impressed and in love with the one brand that has stolen my heart two years ago. My sister saw this brand and she loved all the costumes very very much. 
The brand about which I am talking here about is none other than Ciriana Roma, from Italy. 

World's Showcase - Ciriana Roma

And I first interacted with the brand on Google Plus and a few days ago I asked them to spend few minutes with World's Showcase, am really glad that Sofia, from Ciriana Roma, accepted this and gave her valuable time. 
It is an honor to feature Ciriana in World's  Showcase, now let's dive into the interview to get closer with Ciriana. 

World's Showcase - Ciriana Roma

(1)  Welcome to World's Showcase CIRIANA ROMA. We are glad you are here. Please let our readers know about your brand and things related to it. 
Ciriana is a European brand created by fashion lovers of cosmopolitan minds. It was born in Rome where classic shapes and lines are having the long tradition and are appreciated by highly aware fashion consumers. 
Having reworked well-known themes of the iconic elegance, like a sheath or little black dress, it hits European markets with its offer of extremely feminine and timeless solutions. Clean lines, delicacy of Italian textiles, subtlety of colors are the features of Ciriana's style. Our high-quality products are an offer for self-aware women who understand the power of elegance. 

World's Showcase - Ciriana Roma

Ciriana's client is a demanding woman, who wants to feel at ease in any situation without sacrificing her femininity. If this is s a cocktail with friends, a night at the theater or a business meeting, she is never out of place, exaggerated or trivial, always at ease wherever she goes. 
(2) Your brand name 'CIRIANA', it is really a stunner one, a globally recognized one. What is the idea behind naming your brand with this creative and attractive name? 

Thank you for your appreciation. Actually I am not sure if we are already globally recognized, as we are still an emerging brand that works hard to grow. 

World's Shwcase - Ciriana Roma

The company's name is a female first name of Latin origin and is to bring immediate associations with femininity. Ciriana is a rare name, however, and that is to communicate that we are different from popular fast fashion trends, more refined and tasteful. 
(3) Will you please share with us about your crew and the team size? 

Our company is extremely efficient operationally, so we do not have many staff members. The core team consists of myself (responsible for sales and marketing), the principal designer and a logistics coordinator. The rest of staff are technical and production partners, like seamstresses, sales agencies, photographers etc, who – having worked with us for a few years - mentally but not formally belong to Ciriana's family. We seasonally also co-operate with designers from various parts of the globe. 

World's Showcase - Ciriana Roma

(4) Currently in what ways you are advertising your brand? Any major improvements you have experienced by using social media as a platform to share and advertise your products? 

Ciriana is a producer who sells B2B mostly, so our client marketing is limited. We sell to wholesalers and shops and they advertise our products using their own channels.  

World's Showcase - Ciriana Roma

We do utilize social media to consistently show visual materials promoting our styles and our slow fashion philosophy. We are contributors to blogs and sites targeted to our group of elegant, urban women. 
What works for us best is Instagram. Even if we do not have massive amounts of followers there, this place is for us a source of the most valuable professional contacts.  

(5) Your brand's achievements so far. 

 We are still on a way to rise, so this is too early to communicate Ciriana's success story. Yet I think that our presence on diverse markets and being recognized both in some European countries and Australia, Brazil, US (still a small but perspective presence!) is a sign that our product is quite good and versatile.  

World's Showcase - Ciriana Roma

(6) What/Who is your inspiration behind all these exquisite designs and styles? 

 Ciriana's style refers to roots of Italian tailoring. We offer best forms and cuts to suit women's silhouettes, making sure that everything fits perfectly and suits the wearer rather than simply offering what is trendy. We refer to the 1960s, the golden times of Italian cinema and – in this way also – Italian fashion shown to the world.   

World's Showcase - Ciriana Roma

(7) In this present marketing world, there are many brands out there and heaps of new brands are evolving and evaporating in the market. How does your brand stand-alone from others? 

This is true to unfortunately that we are made to enter a fierce competition. I do hope we will be still in the game in say 10-15 years.  
What we offer is a clear brand promise, we relate to people who are excited to buy from us. We try to engage women sharing content which might be attractive for them. We show more of a lifestyle than fashion itself. We live slow lives ourselves, respect the planet, produce only the quantities that are ordered, do not scream and shout how fantastic we are but rather give examples of how happy and aesthetically pleasant a daily life can be. We do not show an idealized version of a woman, but a normal yet happy person, who feels well with herself. We are authentic in our message and women like to identify with it. 

World's Showcase - Ciriana Roma

(8) Please share few lines about your models, you got angels out there. We would like to hear about them. 

The moment we show new products to the world is the most exciting one in the creative process. That's why yes, we do select some uniquely beautiful models for our campaigns. 

World's Showcase - Ciriana Roma

I could mention three out of several we used to work with. Claudia Loy, the former Miss Italia contestant was the face our "Flower" campaign. When I saw her for the first time I thought I had never met more beautiful creature before. She seemed extraterrestrial. 

World's Showcase- Ciriana Roma

Another angel comes from Naples and I found her watching her acting in a Dolce & Gabbana spot. Her name is Dalila DMasi, a stunning southern Italian beauty I was bashful to approach. When I met her however, she turned out to be a modest girl with a sober attitude to work. 
Last but not least Grace Francisca is one of the unforgettable Ciriana's faces. A young American actress based in LA (with some Italian ancestry, which is visible in her physique) was hypnotizing our customers in our campaign in California. 

World's Showcase - Ciriana Roma

You can see all of them on in our "Campaigns" section. 
(9)  Any new designing projects this year or currently working on? 

Of course! We invent and put to life new projects all the time. Except for regular bi-annual collections which we meticulously elaborate and improve each time, we started an LFC (Laura for Cirianaproject with a new designer. Together we created a more premium line of clothes designated specially for luxurious UK market. I presented it in London last February and it proved successful. We also think about starting another product line, this time more affordable. Let's see what comes out of these plans. 

World's Showcase - Ciriana Roma

(10) Last, but not least. Please share something inspirational with the new peeps who are stepping into the marketing field with their own brand(s). 

I can repeat what I already mentioned above in response to question 7 that to have a precise vision of what you are as a brand goes first and then clearly and consistently communicating this vision to the world is next. 
We do not sell products but concepts, associations, the whole environment related to the things we make. They need to fit lifestyles of contemporary people. And we need to be tireless and self-motivated in selling this vision with passion and enthusiasm despite failures, disasters and often disbelief and discouragement of the others. 

World's Showcase - Ciriana Roma

Thank you Sofia! For coming out here and sharing your moments with us. We all love your brand much, can't express it in words.  
I personally wish you all the success in coming days and may all your wishes come true. There left much and much to achieve and many milestones to reach. 

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