The Wind chimes Reminds me Of You

By Prasanna Dasari - Sunday, March 19, 2017

Wind Chimes - poetry

You remind me of her,
that chimes sound when it hits my ears, 
I feel like flying in the sky.
That peaceful sound kisses my
ear drums and make me addicted
to hear more.

That sound from the tuned chimes makes me feel 
like am in her presence,
Those lovely notes of sound 
from you will touch my strings in the heart.

I treat you as the symbol of love,
I will daily approach you and hear that lovely sound.
Because you remind me of my love,
You are as clean as her heart.

You will never rest, you will never 
let the negative thoughts to rule me.
You are the amazing thing in my life,
that thing which will turn my sorrows into happiness.
You are the Windchime, I will always love to hear you.

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