Malavika Mohanan - The Rising Star

By Prasanna Dasari - Monday, March 20, 2017

The film industry is the hub of the new talents, we will see many people entering in it and vanishing like anything. Only few will leave their footprints behind and their legacy is always inspirational. Actors, singers, directors and all of the crew, they will achieve success if they work hard. 

Each and every one of them is unique, their niche is different and talents may vary. We will always praise them for their talents.

You may ask me why I am speaking all this, pointless? Well, am going to introduce one such an amazing personality and a rising star. Lovely, kind heart, simple and classy. It is none other than Malavika Mohanan.

Malavika Mohanan - World's Showcase

Years back nobody knows this girl, she isn't famous in the south. But, she is a celebrity always, she is a blogger, and an enthusiast. A traveler too. 

When I first interacted with her social profiles, I was very excited, happy and amazed. I was a feeling like, 'why didn't knew her from the beginning?' Better late than never, now I knew her.

The film industry always renews it's influence, with the new superstars coming and the old ones behind the cameras. Malavika is one of the very few who is lucky enough to showcase her skills and her love in acting with the recent opportunities she has. 

Malavika Mohanan - World's Showcase
PC: Facebook

Malavika Mohanan - Worlds Showcase
PC: Facebook

Malavika Mohanan - World's Showcase
PC: The  scarlet window

Latest news in the box is that she replaced Deepika Padukone in the 'Beyond The Clouds' which is directed by the Iranian director Majid Majidi. 
Malavika is his hand picked a girl who fits in the character, sources say. Since Malavika is beautiful, talented and she is ready to actively participate in the projects, this is her best opportunity to work with the foreign director.

This is also a debut film of Ishan Khatter, who is the brother of the Bollywood star Shahid Kapoor. Majidi always encourages the young blood in the industry.

Previously Malavika featured in the movies-
The Great Father (2017)
Nirnnayakam (2015)
Pattam Pole (2013) etc.

Malavika, who is from Kannur Dist. A travel lover and a blogger. Many don't know her as a blogger, but she blogs really fantastic. Her blogs are in the fashion niche and she rocks in the OOTD posts.
In the end of the post, I will share the links to her blogs. But, don't expect any new posts, because now she is busy guys!

Anybody will start loving Malavika because she deserves to be. And that's why I have made up my mind to write about her. She is a classy girl, any dress will suit her and she is both trendy and traditional kinda girl. Most active on Instagram, she loves to travel, her posts are the proofs that she does.

Have you ever seen a perfect model these days? Well, I did, she is Malavika Mohanan, I call her perfect because she executes anything in a perfect way.

Malavika Mohanan - World's Showcase
PC: The scarlet window

If you are wishing to know more about her, head over to your Instagram and follow her. Insta is the place where she is much active these days.

Her performance since her debut is simply superb, you will just fall in love with her action and the talent she got. That's how Malavika will spread her vibes. 

A post shared by Malavika Mohanan (@malavikamohanan_) on
Her Instagram is a beautiful showcase, with all her pictures in it and her latest news and promos are also found there. You are really unlucky if you're still not on Instagram because you are missing an angelic personality.

As I promised above about her blogs, let's see them. Malavika is a fashion blogger, her blog Pink Struck deals with various categories of fashionable posts and her views. There is another blog too, it is The Scarlet Window, here her beautiful portfolios are found. Earlier I have said that not to expect any new posts from her blogs because she is now busy with her new projects.

Malavika Mohanan - World's Showcase
PC: The scarlet wiindow

Last, but not the least, you may ask me why I came here and writing about Malavika. I personally like her and of course, you may treat me as her fan. This post is not any advertisement or any promo post. I wrote because I like her. All the above things I mentioned are part of my own research. I like Malavika, so I came up here and share the little info about her. 

I wish her all success in her present and upcoming projects, with all the love from a fan.

Malavika Mohanan - World's Showcase
PC: The scarlet window

You can follow her on the below social networks.

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