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Friday, February 24, 2017

Sandra N feat. Veo - French Boy (Habibi) (Official Video)

Good news to all Sandra.N fans. Few hours ago her new song is released and viewed by many.
Whenever she come with her new single, being her fan I’ll promote her songs in this blog.

Habibi - Sandra N

 Whether it’s an English or any other language, I’ll just head over here and write few words about the music and the details about the video so that the music lovers like me will get to know that new song has been released.
Habibi - Sandra N

This single of Sandra N is entitled as Habibi and for the first time ever she has collaborated with the Veo – French Boy, officially.

There both performance in the latest video is good, but if somebody forced me to pick the best, Habibi is not as good as her previous ones named ­– Obsession, Liar, and other music. But still it’s good to watch. Ballerina also stands tall over this. Well, it’s just my personal opinion and fans may react differently according to their taste.

Habibi - Sandra N

I like the new release of Sandra, and I’ve been waiting for this from weeks since she announced about the new release.

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