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Monday, August 08, 2016

From Everywhere To Everywhere - Friendship Day Special

World's Showcase - Friendship day

   Special days are always special to us. We collect memories of the past and present, we would love to dwell in those memories.
Today we are celebrating Friendship Day, which is most awaited.

 Friends are our true companions who will chat with us, go with us and our partners in crime. Without friends, life seems spacious. Friends are loneliness murderers, they kill the loneliness. They will cheer for us and help us when we are in need. Having a good friend by our side when we are facing problems is a blessed thing. And those people who are going to stick around with you in your good and bad are true friends. Never leave their hands.

 This year's friendship day didn't gifted me any new friends, but it helped to establish a connection between my existing ones. How to understand them and make the bond strong.

 I don't have a big size of friends to boast, only finger counted. And am glad that I have them in my life. I thank God for allowing me to meet you. I've more online friends than offline, these are really far away from me. Some are from different states, countries and cultures, though they are my besties.

 So this friendship day, am not going to attend any party. I will sit and I'll make a covenant with my inner soul, that at any cost, I must not leave my friends. And those who came as guests in my life, I don't have enough time to think about them. They know exactly what they had missed and I know what they had done to me.

 2011-13 are the years which I gained friends and also felt like I have earned a life partner. Things turned out great for some period and then they became worse.
I know I can't forget any person who knocked the door of my heart. I used to live with the pain in my heart, and I'll move on with this. There will be a specific time, when the person realizes what was missing and what is going to be missed. It will be too late by then.

 Overcoming those shades of bitter past, I made 10 promises today. These are like a covenant. And I'll not make the same mistake what my backstabbers had done.

World's showcase - Friendship day

 These, my promises are going to live with me as long as I live on this planet. And the reason I share them with the world is, these might help you as well. Let's start…


 If you are looking for a long-term friendship, then do not give up on your friend. No matter how tough is the situation, if you are escaping, then your friend must be with you too. If your friend is going down, you must go down with him to lift up later.


 If your friend is at your door and willing to meet you, you are not in a mood to hang out with him/her, not even able to tell a 'hi’, then don't make your parents sinners by forcing them to say a lie that you aren't home. They're your friends, and they deserve the time to spend with you.


 Everyone of us deserves a private life and we deal with our own secrets. When coming to the friendship, try to develop an environment which is a friendly one.
This openness must allow you to share a secret related to your personal life. If you are feeling insecure to share with the friends, then better to understand them much. You will feel better if you share a secret with the best friend.


 If your friend is sharing with you his/her personal life that means he is only sharing his secret with you. Don't forget to keep them safe with you and bury them between you both. If you leak the matter, you'll lose your dignity and you are no longer a trustworthy person.


 Your presence must make your friends happy and excited. It must not be like you are an enquirer and they feel like dripping down their energy when they confront you. Your presence must lift their positiveness. Be a regular visitor to your friends place, even they're busy. It's your friend and you has the complete right to disturb him/her.


 Friends will hide their mistakes and defend them. Of course, it's the caring thing. Defending a mistake of your friend is never a good thing to do. If your friend did any mistake, you should be straightforward to say that it's a mistake. If you try to cover it, you are spoiling your bestie. Don't afraid of losing him/her, best friends will understand and are always ready to learn from you.
 Even if they leave you, it's a good thing you did. You taught them to walk in a right path. If they are man enough to come back and join you, they'll do that. That's what true friends mean.


 There will be people who try to break your bond with your friend. They've got their reasons to lit a fire among you. You must be ready to face such situation and always stay with your own belief. Don't believe easily what the third person is saying about your friend, be reasonable and dig the truth in it. If it's a rumour, then you saved a friend. If it's true, you got an opportunity to keep your friend in a good way. Either way, you'll succeed.

World's showcase - Friendship day


 You can disturb your friend, but do not forget the minimum limits. People will begin to love you when you are in your limits. Nobody will teach us these limitations, we've to study ourselves and learn them on the go.


 You need to be ready 24/7 to support your friend regarding the above mentioned sections. You are the only one who can prevent your friend from stepping up to the darkness. Be a wall and support.


 Last, but not the least, your time spent with your friends is going down in the history. Spend more time with friends and go with them from everywhere to everywhere.

 Thanks to all of you, who made my life colorful. May God bless you all and Happy Friendship Day :)  

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