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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Hunt For The Haunting

Joe is a 9’yrs kid, he always wishes to play football on the ground, which is near to his house. After returning from the school, he slams the door and sets off to the ground to watch/play the game.

This made his mom a little worried, he never opens his books at home after the school, she began to worry about his career and then one dark night she told him the tale of a ghost.

That ghost story is about a building which is beside the playground. From the very next day, Joe didn't went to the ground and he never walked in that way. 
That story of his mom scared him. And he believed it.

Ghost - World's Showcase

Mike, neighbour of Joe is 8’yrs old. And his mom after noticing that Joe is staying home in the evenings after the school, asked Joe's mom how she made it.
Mike's mom tried to play the same trick with her son. She observed for a week, nothing changed. Mike goes to the playground, besides he started to explore that ghost building which his mom told him that night.

Mike is a year younger than Joe, but his interest is totally different from that of Joe. He didn't took that tale as horrible one, but he took it as a challenge to explore and dig into the truth.

Like these kids, the world is divided into two groups. One who believes in the paranormal activities and the others who treats it as a trash. We can't support them either because we never encountered with a ghost or we can't even prove that there are no ghosts.

Am really interested in listening to the ghost stories, unfortunately am not mischievous as Mike to skip my homework, so my mom never told me the tale of the ghost.

I heard many ghost stories from my friends and in the social media. The television series called ‘Aap Bheeti’ in the Doordarshan channel scared me.
Next morning after watching this, sometimes I never went near to the old bungalows.
My personal experience with ghosts :
Coming to my personal experience with ghosts, it's zero. I feared to the haunted places, the talks of the town triggered my imagination, but personally, I never confronted any ghost.

I love to talk about the tales related to ghosts and also I would like to meet one. Till now, my page about ghost is empty.

Tunnel no. 33 (or) Barog tunnel:

This is the famous story from India. We've heard lots of such stories from the western countries, time to hear the regional story.
Tunnel no. 33 is a very well-known ghost story to us. If you are hearing for the first time, no problem, read it here. If you already knew, skip this section.

Colonel Barog was a civil engineer in the British government. Who was appointed as the superior to finish the project of constructing a tunnel for the narrow gauge, Kalka - Shimla railway.
In 1903, this reputed engineer started to dig the tunnel from both the ends of the mountain. This type of digging is a wise thinking, because it saves time and energy.
Barog knows this, he ordered the workers to dig up the mountain from both the ends by dividing them into two teams.

And he calculated the distance and surveyed it. When both the teams finished digging, they found that they never met at a point even they reached the centre point.

Barog and the teams noticed that there were mistakes in the calculations made by Colonel Barog. His decision cost the government time & money. Later they fined him.

This hurt Barog badly and he had to face the negative comments on his work from the people and colleagues. He couldn't get over that insult and decided to end his life.

Barog committed suicide and buried at 1km distance from the tunnel. And that area is named after him, also the tunnel as Barog tunnel.

Colonel Barog - A good ghost:

After his death, rumours spread out that he became a ghost and began to roam in the tunnel, which was later finished by another engineer Harrington, with the help of a local saint, who guided the workers in digging the tunnel.

Barog’s ghost is said to be a friendly one. He never harmed anyone. There are also talks about his involvement in fixing the minor problems in the trains and helping people there.

The local people strongly believe in these statements and say that Barog is a helping ghost.

Barog Tunnel - World's Showcase

Those who are eager to know about him and the ghost, can visit this tunnel. Although it is closed now, there are no restrictions for you to walk inside and feel the darkness and the droplets of water falling from the roof of the tunnel.
I will visit this one day and bring more images, if possible I'll have a chat with the first ghost in my life, none other than Barog.

Mysterious (ghost) hand???

The following picture is from the 1900’s too. Observe it very carefully, can you find anything weird in this image.

Ghost hand? - World's Showcase

The picture is good, they were the linen mill workers in the Belfast, Ireland.
The uncommon thing is, the hand on the shoulder of the first girl in the third row (from right). Since this is the oldest photo, there might be no photoshop. This can also be an artistic, magical creation or a ghost.
If I say a ghost, you may jump out from your seats or you'll laugh at me. But, neither you nor I can prove that there is no ghost existing.

Hunt for the haunting:

What's your shot at paranormal activity? Have you ever come across with this ghost?
Share your views on the above two incidents and your personal experience with the ghosts.
Let's hunt for the haunting.

What people say!

People say that if anyone died without fulfilling the dream, he/she becomes a ghost and they began to search for that fulfilment. If we give our ear to the people, they tell many stories related to ghosts. They are really very interesting and suspense to hear, if we recollect them all when we are alone, they'll jerk our spine. No matter what how much brave our heart is, fear is great.

These stories are pseudo, they've no evidence to prove the existence of the ghost and their authenticity.

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