World Music Day (or) Make Music Day - World's Showcase


Tuesday, June 21, 2016

World Music Day (or) Make Music Day

Make Music Day - World's Showcase
Embedded image is the credit of Anthony DELANOIX | Unsplash 

The strings of music are attached to my mind, wherever I go, I go with the music. I love music and it's the only thing with me when am alone, travelling or feeling beaten.

 I know there are many people like me out there, who are even the best performers and with gifted sweet voice. Who can organize concerts and play their own music.
I want to thank you all and I really appreciate your music and talent.
 You make us all happy with your talent. Thank you.

 Today is the day, where the music don't die between the four walls or in our ears. It's time to move the music in to the public and play as long as you want.

Today is 'Make Music Day' or World Music Day' which is originated in France and now spread to 700 plus cities in 120 countries.
 Fête do la mystique in French, providing the platform for new talents and encouraging them is seen in this music fiesta.

World Music Day - World's Showcase
Embedded image is the courtesy of Lechon Kirb| Unsplash 

 Many are music lovers among us, we can host a music festival like this and sing or make them sing. We are permitted to organize a musical event publicly.
 I hope one day we do this in our India too. Sometimes words aren't going to express our love for the music, only music itself must speak here.

To all the music lovers out there, a happy music day. Hope you are doing something today which will bring the musician out of you and the town.

 I've been in the blogosphere since 3 plus one years and encouraged new talents like in the musical family by posting about them. And I'll do this again once I meet new singers and performers. Till now I've these new tremendous talents to promote.

 - Aylin Eser
- Carissa Vales
 - Lisa Viola

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