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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

It's Time To Stay With Lionel Messi And Support His Decision - My Views On His Shocking Retirement

Lionel Messi - World's Showcase
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It's Copa America final match, both the national teams, Argentina and Chile are fighting to win the game. At some point, it seemed that the game is in the hands of Argentina and their 18 years of dream to win Copa America is going to come true. All that assumptions and hope collapsed to the ground when the legendary player and the greatest player, the forward of Argentina, Lionel Messi, missed the penalty shot and the ball went over the goal post and it landed in the crowd.

 Silence ruled when the ball misses the net, it's not over, but it's over when the other player missed the shot too.

 Lionel Messi, it's not a name, but a brand that represent the football. Those who don't even know what football is, they know Messi. They've heard about this phenomenal player at somewhere or the other. And he is also the brand ambassador of Tata motors.

 Lionel Messi's announcement regarding his retirement from the national football at once shook the ground under the feet of many. It's because of his amazing performance during his 11 years of career.

 He is the 5 times 'best player' in FIFA and this 29 year old football star played 110+ games for his country. He is the World's greatest Soccer player, but unfortunately that greatness didn't worked in the ground when he played in the important final matches. There are also rumours that Messi couldn't mke it during the finals like he did in the other matches. Whatever it might be, he is the youngest successful player in the Argentina FA.

 World reacts to his retirement: 

 As soon as the news struck in the ears, many football stars and fans began to talk about this. Those who didn't even know him, began to involve in the Twitter trending tweets.

 The game is not ours, it's game's game. We have to ready to face either win or loss. But, Messi felt that it's time to give his place to someone who is better in scoring. This is sad, but it's what he felt.

 Losing the same match a year ago against the same team, with the same penalty miss. It was like replay to 2015 Copa America. That hurt Messi, no doubt because he is the one who values his fans and football lovers.

 "It happened to us again, and by penalty kicks. It's the third consecutive final. We tried. We tried and it wasn't for us. It's difficult in this moment to do any sort of analysis. In the locker room, I thought that the national team is not for me. It's what I feel right now. It's a great sadness that it happened to me again, the fact that I missed a penalty kick that was very important. It's for the good of everybody. It's not enough to just get to the final and not win" Messi said.

 Defeat hurts us all, but if there is anything like bad luck, that has been following Messi since longtime. He did beat it by winning many matches, but still there's a hard time.

 "I was thinking in the locker room that this is it for me in terms of the national team. It has been far finals. It's what I wanted most. Unfortunately, I didn't get it, but I think that's it." 

 It's very clear that he got hurt by losing to Chile, but is this the only reason that made him to retire? Or there's anything else behind it? Only Messi knows that. As football lovers, we just need to understand and then appreciate what he did achieve and gave us the moments that never be forgotten.

Lionel Messi | World's Showcase

 And this goodbye is a real goodbye, there's no reconsidering.
 He said " It's very hard, but the decision is taken. Now I will not try to move and there will be no going back." 

 Messi's retirement is sad news before the world cup series and this gap is felt. Argentina will never like before, they will for sure miss this legend.

 Time to praise his achievements so far in his career, and to respect his decision. There's no need to sign petitions, make tweets and posts on his return.
He has freedom to move on with what he wishes for. It is not love to force him to return, but to respect him.

 It hurts that there will be no Messi in the next match, but there is a reason for everything. This is not a turning back, it's like creating a space for new players who will carry the legacy on their shoulders.

 We all love Lionel Messi, his name will be in our heart and his games in our memories. All the best off the ground Messi.

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