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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Like Father Like Son - Father's Day Special Post.

Father's Day - World's Showcase
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The best property that a Father can get is to see his child's success. And it is the only best gift a child can give to his dad. Holding hands, keeping that little finger in his fist and walking with steps in steps, looking the enormous world with those tiny eyes.

World is beautiful to any child who can get a father's love. World is a small town with that kid who is in the arms of his father. We all felt in that way, yes we all do. Who is the real hero? Our fathers.

 Their tales at night filled the courage in us, their love made us to feel special like a princess and Prince. His arms around us acted as a shield that will protect us from any encounter. Wow, who is he? Dad, the only name with whom I feel like a superstar.

 I can make things possible with his presence, wit him beside me, I will be victorious. This is what my relationship with my dad. Like all of you, even I got epic stories to share. I learnt to stay within the border of respect, who taught me? My father. I learnt how to face any problem in my life, well who is the teacher? My father. To many questions, my answer will be the same, my father. And everytime I utter his name, my blood in veins flow more faster than usual, what is it? The power. "Being a hero doesn't mean to knock down your enemy, but to gain a respect for him" I learned such meaningful lessons from him. What ever i am today, all credit belongs to my dad.

I am always his best choice and he is mine. In recent days am taking lots of hurt. Sometimes I feel like I could never make it, but one word from my dad wakes me up and keep me alive in the battle. I took blames on me, many people who do not know about me and my life made harsh comments on my living.

World's Showcase - Father's day

They said "like Father, like son." I felt proud. They indirectly disrespectful to my father, but I rejoice in it. Because what I know about my dad is known to his entire family. In his footsteps am going through and misunderstanding words from others may hurt me, but they are just a phase. On this father's day, am not in that situation to gift my dad a Benz or Ford. For now I can't afford them. It makes me feel sad for a moment, then I realised that he don't need them. What all he need is just 'me'. I've given myself to him when I was born.

Today after experiencing the world, am surrendering to him again. Because without him, I am still nothing. Am making a covenant with my father, that will be standing forever. I don't care what the world creates about me, I know me and am having a good relationship with my creator too.

 I don't want to hurt my dad with my foolishness. It's time for me to make things better. My millions of mistakes are forgiven by him, also he forgets them all.

I am running out of words so going to write a poem and dedicate to my dad.

 Holding your little finger is fun, 
I see the world with you beside.
 Holding you so close so tight, I see the meaning of love in it. 
Holding your shirt back and running with you, I see the meaning of fastness. 
Holding your neck while i stay in your arms,
 I see the meaning of comfort. 
 Through your eyes I visualize the beauty of the world,
 Dear Dad! It's my all pleasure to get you as my father. 
In you I've my security and life, 
In you I've my dreams.
 Those dreams need your assistance to become true. 
 When am weak, you were there assisting me to stand up and walk.
 And when you become weak, I'll be with you. I pray to the Lord Almighty,
 that fill me up with such love so that I can express it to you. 
 This love of us will never end, 
No goodbye forever. Just you and me forever. I love you with my all love dad. 

 Honestly I didn't planned to write a poem, it came with the flow.

 Let me introduce my Dad to you...

 He is the father of two children, he is the hero, superhero and real life superstar and a wrestler.
I see him as a wrestling star walking in the streets with obedience and helping nature. I see in him my future and my life.

It's him who designed me what I am today. It's him who taught me how to smile. And he made me to forget the word 'sadness'. I came to know the value of life by reading his experience.
 I learnt what is the true love and what's its shape with the live lessons from him. For me the shape of love isn't the heart, but it's my dad. And this is just the introduction to his love. What more can I say about him, he is my Hero.

 To all fathers out there, reading this article. You are very special. You are the creators of future heroes, you are the saints and designers. I respect you all for you made your children to represent your nature. We all are replicas to our fathers. Let's wish them, HAPPY FATHER'S DAY.

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