Interview With The Ravishing Artist Kathleen Gomez - World's Showcase


Saturday, June 25, 2016

Interview With The Ravishing Artist Kathleen Gomez

Kathleen Gomez Art - World's Showcase
Embedded art image is the courtesy of Samuel Zeller | Unsplash 

When your imagination is given a life, that is an art. The creativity to represent the thoughts/dreams and making them visible to the people in the form of painting/photographing is called an art.

 There is an artist in everyone, but not everyone is an artist. 

An artist will bring his/her imaginations to life. They may use a paper, cardboard, wall or a mobile device as their canvas. It's all about creativity and how about being creative.

 Running with new ideas and imaginations in mind, artists are always special. Few are much talkative while others are very limited. On the go, I've seen many artists and appreciated their work. Each one are blessed with their own talent.

 And today World's Showcase is featuring one such a great artist and a beautiful girl with art as breathe. She is Kathleen Gomez.

Kathleen Gomez | Artist | World's Showcase

 When I asked about writing about her art in here, she accepted my invitation right away and I've to agree that she is quick. And am touched by her art before and finally my dream becoming true here with this post.

 Thanks to Miss. Gomez for answering all my questions and explaining each of them with patience and understanding.

 This post and interview is dedicated to all the artists. Who are willing to make the art a part of their lives.

 Let's do this. . .

 Prasanna Dasari: Hi Kathleen, welcome to the WS, may I know about your hometown and your family.

 Kathleen Gomez: Thanks for having me! I'm excited to be here. I'm from a small suburb of Chicago, Illinois, in the United States. I live with my mom, her boyfriend, my two sisters, and my two puppies.
Super girl - Kathleen Gomez | World's Showcase
Digital painting| Supergirl | 8 1/2 × 11"

 Prasanna Dasari: How you became an artist? Is it your dream or anything else behind this?

 Kathleen Gomez: I have been creative all my life. I fell in love with painting when I was in high school, but I took a break from my art during college to write. I picked it back up again when I transferred to Dominican University in River Forest, Illinois (United States) to finish my undergraduate degree. Of course, I majored in Painting and Drawing! I fell in love with making art all over again, be it a charcoal or pencil drawing or an oil painting. I have just finished my Master's Degree in Library and Information Science, still painting and drawing all the way, and am looking for a new librarian job.

 I am only looking for a part-time job, though, so I can run my art business at the same time. This may be surprising to some: "But Kathleen, how will you pay your student loans???" I have asked myself the same question, and many more. This was a decision I struggled with for a long time, but I feel it's the right one for me. I am an artist and a librarian both, and to sacrifice one in order to feed the other would ultimately make me unhappy. I am at peace with my decision and even though so far it's been difficult juggling working, trying to find a better job, and work on my art, I am happy with my progress in this chapter of my life. I also have the overwhelming support of my friends and family, which is humbling and encouraging and I'm very grateful <3

Kathleen Gomez Art - World's Showcase
Oil on canvas painting | Black flag | 24×30"

 P.D: What do you usually use to paint, oil paints or water colors?

 K.G: This is tough because I don't really have a preference! Watercolor was my first love. I love the transparency and how easy it is to layer the colors. I like oil paints because mixing colors is so easy and fun. Plus, since they dry slow, it's easy to scrape paint off the canvas if you screw up =P I guess it comes down to size; I prefer watercolor for small paintings and oil for large paintings that I'll work on for a long time.

 P.D: Can you share your hobbies and interests and what will you do in your spare time?

 K.G: When I'm not working or being an artist, I love to read, play with my dogs, and binge-watch shows with my boyfriend. I'm starting to pick up video games again, too. I neglected them for far too long while I was in school!

 P.D: Are you ready to assist newbies to art anytime?

 K.G: Of course! I'm always happy to share tips, especially to artists just starting out =D

Kathleen gomez - world's Showcase
Water colour and coloured pencil painting on paper | Hagia Sophia | 11×14"

 P.D: Tell me about ART in your words. How do you define it.

 K.G: I once read somewhere that while history books tell us what happened at any given point, art shows us how we felt at that same point. That really resonated with me. I believe art is a medium through which to share feeling. The goal of a piece of art is to make the viewer feel something. That isn't to say that if I look at a particular piece of art and I don't feel anything, no emotion at all, then it's a failed work. The next person who looks at it might, it resonates with them, and it's successful in that way. Even if an artwork seen by millions makes only one person feel a connection with it, it's successful. That documentation of emotion and the viewer's connection to it is what makes art, well, art.

 P.D: What do you pick up for art generally? What is the niche of your art?

 K.G: I am deeply inspired by fantasy. I devour fantasy novels, art, comic books, and video games, and that comes through in my work. I'm also inspired by the stars, mythology, and by Islamic and Byzantine art and architecture. I live in a world I make in my own head and I guess I try to capture it with my art, haha XD I wouldn't say I have a specific niche, as I'm inspired by a lot of different things and I honestly just haven't found one yet.

 P.D: Do you read books?

 K.G: I do! It's part of the reason I became a librarian =P As I mentioned, I read a lot of fantasy novels, but I'm also a HUUUGE comic book nerd. Right now I'm bouncing back and forth from The Hollows series by Kim Harrison and "The Star-Touched Queen" by Roshani Chokshi to Batgirl and Wonder Woman comics. I am completely and totally obsessed with the DC Bombshells series. I actually run my own blog with a former classmate of mine, GraphicNovelty², where we review comic books and graphic novels =D

Kathleen gomez art | World's Showcase
Watercolour on aquaboard | Mountains | 4×4"

 P.D: Will you work on projects related to art in the coming years?

 K.G: Yes!!! I have so many different ideas and commissions I'm sure to be busy for quite some time - and I'm just getting started ;D

 P.D: Say something to the new art interested people out there. Give them an inspiration.

 K.G: Don't ever give up. Don't listen to the people who tell you you can't do it. Don't even listen to yourself when you say you can't in your darkest moments. You CAN. Live your life for YOU, not anyone else. Keep drawing and follow your heart and your passion, no matter what.

 Wow! Thank you Kathleen for inspiring all of us by sharing your experience and views.
You are an amazing personality and your art is exquisite.

Kathleen gomez art | World's Showcase
Water colour penci on paper | Pile of books | 3 1/2×6 1/4"

 Once again thank you for your time in WS, it's a great blessing knowing about you. Wishing you all the success and may all your dreams come true.
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