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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

It's John Cena Vs. AJ Styles - A Fantasy Match Turning Into Reality This Sunday At MITB 2016.

If you are a wrestling fan and been watching it since 15 years, here's a match that was once called a fantasy bout. It's the superstars who were not supposed to face each other off in any fight.

It's none other than John Cena and AJ Styles. Cena and Styles rivalry or just a show match was a fantasy. Because they were not in the same industry back in the past.

Cena in the WWE and Styles in TNA. They both ruled the ring and made an identity for them among the fans and viewers. But, now it's time to experience that 15 years of fantasy in the real world. Now it's the new era in progress in the WWE and Styles representing the new era, Cena has to face him at the upcoming pay-per-view MITB (Money In The Bank), this Sunday.

 On this week's Monday night Raw, it's made official by the contract signing event. Cena and Styles both in the ring at the same time signed their contract with a one on one match. Before the contract signing, Styles said that in these 2 weeks, he turned Cena's life upside down. And then he went on saying that he missed that opportunity to beat him 15 years ago. Later interrupted by Cena, who said that it's now the time is and Styles has to prove it.

Money In The Bank - World's Showcase

 AJ Styles had two different kinds of contracts to choose from. One is accompanied by the club match, where Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson can be ringside during the match. And another contract is a one on one match. Styles took sometime to sign the second one, and after hearing a challenging words from Cena he signed that contract without the club.

 Now, MITB 2016 is going to be an interesting PPV so far. With the match of Cena Vs. Styles and all other match cards are quite impressive too.

 Match Prediction : John Cena is the 15 times world champion and AJ Styles do hold more titles than Cena. It's going to be a classic wrestling match where two wrestlers will keep everything on the line what they got. Styles predictable note that Cena can't beat him pushes Cena to the next level to fight to win situation. And this fight is going to be a highlight in the MITB.

What my prediction here is, Cena being the face of the WWE, he is still not unbeatable. Kevin Owens proved that there's wrestlers who can beat Cena too. And KO did prove to the world in the very first match for him in the WWE by beating Cena in the middle of the ring.

Coming to AJ Styles, he is a different kind of guy when compared to KO. And he has a burning desire to settle down in the WWE as a champion. If he wins in this match, that going to be a booster for his career in the industry. On the other hand, Cena is not unbeatable, but he is the one who 'Never Gives Up'.
 The underdog Styles will slay the monster Cena like Cena said this on Monday night Raw. And this will not keep Cena down.

Styles need to try something new to beat Cena in the ring. Is he going to try that or will he be just another victim of Cena's beating.

 Prediction : John Cena def. AJ Styles.

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