Happy Father's Day - World's Showcase


Sunday, June 19, 2016

Happy Father's Day

Father's day 2016 - World's Showcase

A father and child relationship is amazing in the sight of God. It is all where it began, father loves us more than anyone. He is our mentor and care taker. When we call unto him, he'll listen and answer us.

 God has established this relationship to teach us the importance of the mentorship and love. How to survive and how to live. More moral values are taught by any earthly father to his children. No matter whether it's a boy/girl. Father will teach them.

 And this relationship is strengthened by the involvement of God. With his assistance, we the sons & daughters of God are able to thank him for all the good things and pray him to get those things better which are not good. Before we celebrate the Father's Day, it's the moment we've to thank God for providing us the shelter under the protective wings of our father.

 It's our duty to make them all happy. They laboured for us, fought for us and still fighting. They're the support and the back bone. It's time to greet your Father on earth lovely, because it's because of the Heavenly Father creation he is there to be with you in every single situation.

 We can gift them with materials and take them out on a party. Those are just the earthly pleasures and they're needed too. But, there is one more thing which is a compulsory. The attitude of us will represent our Fathers. The way we talk and walk, the way we treat people around us and the way we pray to our Holy father in the Heaven.

Father's Day - World's Showcase

 Everything will represent our fathers. If we are good attitude, then we can carry the legacy of our family as clean. If we are bad, we are making the name of our Father bad. It's the time to gift them with true love and affection than any materials. It's our first priority to honour them.

 The worldly positions are temporary, but a love nurtured in our deep heart will be forever even when we are gone. What makes him happy is your attitude.
You can do anything you wish, it must bring a good name to the one who is the reason for your existence and who named you. Even the Lord Jesus Christ respected his father and took his duties as his and did the carpentry.

Be humble to him, and it will be a blessing to you. Respect is what we've to learn, treating them with the same love forever. Do you remember the amount of love that you had with your dad when he fulfilled your wish by buying that favourite toy for you? Show the same amount of love even if he rejects to fullfil your wish. Because whatever he is doing, there will be a reason.

 Increase the love on your father, never cease from it. Don't let anyone steal the position of him, remember he is the one who was there and will be there forever beside you when you are going through hardships, not anyone, but him.

 This Father's day must bring a cheerful moment, take oaths, keep new goals today. It's more than your birthday, it's the day where your morals are rooted. If someone ready to read, I'll continue to write much and it is also not a good thing to trouble your eyes, so am concluding here. Before I sign off, I WISH ALL FATHERS OUT THERE A HAPPY FATHER'S DAY. You are the true hero, because you are making new heroes.

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