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Thursday, May 05, 2016

Sandra N new single N-am baut nimic

SandraN N-am baut nimic

Music unveils the inner happiness, music is the best cure for pain and it has no boundaries. Whenever I get the opportunity to write about music, I jump with rejoicing and I care not for any inconvenience in writing. Because the am aware of the power of music.

Music has no language, it is the best medium to travel to happiness and no matter what the language, it plays in, it will make us happy. Language is not a restriction to enjoy the music.

Years ago, I was not a big music fan, I never carried any music resources with me. Then it came to me, touched me when am down and distressed, then the divinity in it is felt.

Since then I wrote about music, I talk about it and I feel it.

Sandra N is my favourite singer from Romania. Her music touches the deepest nerves of the heart and tickle them to dance.
There are many posts about my favourite songwriter in this blog and every post is written with all the love. And the result has been the posts about her tops always.

Her new single is live now on YouTube.

I decided to take a ride with the song and review it.

Sandra N - N-am baut nimic
Sandra N N-am baut nimic

Alexandra Naftanaila's (Sandra N) new single is all about dance and music. The music and the dance moves in this song are simply adorable.

She is a good dancer and for every new song she changes her style, hairstyle and attire according to that song. If this song is about English, she dress like an English girl, if it's Arab, she dress like Arabic.

What I liked much in the N-am baut nimic is the background with those transition light effects and the screenplay. 
No doubt with all these things the song now is a big hit.

Her dance floor is rocked by the base of the music and the mics blow up due to the heat wave from the surrounding sounds. The echoes of her voice is another attractive asset. This is the hit, once again Sandra rocked it.

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