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Sunday, April 03, 2016

When A Preacher Fails - The Five Rock Basements Of Christianity

Jesus Christ is the main theme for Christianity, He didn't preached any religion, but he preached the righteousness and practised it. He showed a way to walk in the light.

Preaching The Gospel :

Most of the Christians strongly believe that preaching is the only way to spread the Gospel. If we discuss this, God never ordered to preach the Gospel, Jesus said to spread the word to the world. Does it means that every Christian must become a preacher?

What does Jesus's words means in the following verse
"And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature."

He said to preach the Gospel, it didn't mean that every Christian must turn into an Evangelical minister.

In these days, Evangelism is based on materialistic mindset, commercialist view. Even we experience the miracles, they are not from the God, but from the Satan.

Though there are many indifferences in the Christian Faith, it is believed that there are these five rock basement principles, on which the term, Christian is stood from ages.
  1. One God, yet God is three distinct persons. The Father, Son and the Holy Spirit.
  2. Jesus Christ is fully God and fully man.
  3. Jesus Christ is the substitute sacrifice of our sins. He is the saviour.
  4. Jesus died on the cross and rose from dead on 3rd day.
  5. We are saved by Grace and by faith in Jesus Christ alone.

When does a preacher fails?

One thing is true here that, preachers on earth are the same human beings like you and me. They are tend to temptations and all kinds of same lustful desires like a common human being.

Their dedication and deep study on the scriptures will help them to preach. This is related to a mental thinking and physical behaving.

Not because of the Holy Spirit nor with the direct conversation with the Heavenly Father.
One who preaches like: come follow Jesus and ease your pain and debts, oh! This isn't a Gospel.

Knowing God is a very personal thing. Even when someone induced lot of preaching in to the mind of a person, only when God touches his heart, then only that particular person is said to be saved.

This isn't a priest and person relationship, this is God and person relationship.
Am not condemning any preacher or their preachings. But, am only creating a true meaning to the Gospel.

The preacher fails when he is unable to create a strong bond with God and when he preaches which is not from the God. This is a misleading.
Android-evangelism - World's Showcase
©Jacob Jordaens

The Influence Of Televangelism :

In this technology driven world, televangelism influences many people. It is the medium run on our televisions.
Now, it's world of Androids, so here I can call it as Androvangelism, where our mobile phones plays an important role in listening or watching the devotionals.

Androvangelism and Youth :

When we come to the Android devices, they accept both good and bad.
While we browse for an inspirational message from an Evangelist or someone, there are many distractions. Like lot of explicit content through the advertisements.

Being young, it is easy to get attracted and then tempted to those content.
Even we may fall for them, once or twice.
Because of the human nature, we are not invincible. But, we must dwell in the technology, besides learn to face that temptation with the word of God. If you run away you lost, if you fall for it you lost.

So, avoiding the internet isn't an answer, but self control is important.

We must be aware of what we believe and why we believe. Anytime be ready to answer the questions which are related to your faith.
After all, it's the faith which fuels your spirit.

So, when a preacher fails to guide you through the truth. It's your duty to make a contact with Jesus, it's not his deeds taking you to Heaven, but yours.

You are yourself a preacher, think about it, following the Holy Bible and implementation of the words and works in them in your life.

'Christian' is not a name plate, it's a title only won after a long battle through hardships.

May the Lord God bless you all abundantly, Amen!

P.S : This post is powered by Dr. Sanjai Kumar Zilkar, we've discussed a lot to bring more posts of this category in the future. I thank him for the support he gave me to come back and post this.

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