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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

A Love Worth Giving

Love is limitless, love is pure, love is a blessing. Provided that the love is invested in a right place.

There are many stories, true stories of love. And names that went down in the history as symbolic identities of love.
There is no perfect verbal representation of love, perfect in it's own way. Just love.

Even I write pages and pages about love, it's just an introduction.

Below is a poem, which am trying to do the same, a small introduction to peek into the love.

There was a couple in some city, those were the second World War days. When the army needed men. The guy decided to join them. He exactly knows it's a hard life with the troops. But, he decided to go.

The girl didn't accept this, but it is for the sake of the country. So she let him go.

Days and weeks passed by, months and years passed by. She is still cherished in those moments, when they were together.
She says her love in the following way to herself, to comfort herself and strengthen the perseverance.
World's Showcase - A love worth giving

My dear love, it's the love song 
  which brought us together.
  When we were listening to it,
each second was a pleasure.

Now, my loneliness trying to
take my pleasure, but I let it not.
When I went to the tree, where we
sculpted our names.

The trees began to say me,
your love is near to you.
When I go to bed at night,
those stars in the sky said, count us and go to bed, for there is hope.

When I woke up in the morning.
The smell of freshly blossomed flowers remind me of your scent.
The sweet songs of birds, reminded me of your voice.

When I saw the rocky mountains,
They proclaimed me your daring nature.
The love and caring you have for me,
is unexplainable and incomparable.

I don't know how much time it takes.
To unite with you my love.
My love for you will get refreshed everyday,
with or without your presence.

For this is what we learnt from the love song.
This is what I am ready to face.
My perseverance will not be ashamed.
For I know a day, when I lay in your arms.

She wasn't a poet, she didn't searched for any cache words in the poetry, didn't bother about the lines and rhyming.
She called it a poem and it became a poem.

Ending :

She became old, but still she waited for her love. The war ended, those who went with her boyfriend were returned to their homes. She inquired about him, but no use. 
They said they've never seen him. Some said he never joined any troop. Those words didn't let her lose the love for him.

She moved to the other city, she adopted a child. She took care of him. Then one day, in a newspaper, there was a news about the few youngsters, who has sacrificed their lives to help the soldiers to cross the enemy border. Among those men, a guy laid his body on the nails, allowed the soldiers to march over his body to cross the border and kill the enemies.

He died the very first day he went away from his love. And after the death of her, she was buried beside his grave. They're one now.

Moral :

Love never asks for life, never asks to prove, it never provokes. The only thing is, it is hard to know which is true love. 
We've seen different kinds of love, love of family, siblings, a boy and girl, pets etc. All these are different from the other. Central theme is love.

Love has to be valued, it is the covenant with ourselves. Our own identities and principles, when this love makes us happy, then it's from the good. If it makes us to question ourselves, then it's from bad.

World has only two powers, one is good and the other is bad. Only these two will answer us when we question. Taking the good and leaving the bad is best thing to do.

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