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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Rise Up Against Bullying - A Global Issue

Bullying - World's Showcase
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Bullying - this word is very familiar with all of us. There is no particular place for it, bullying is everywhere. From a school going kid to the university student, everybody knows exactly what is bullying and may have experienced this in their lives.

Bullying is defined as an act, which is to intimidate someone with strength or force. This is showing the domination.

How bullying effects a person?

Bullying impacts any person of any age. The truth is it effect both the one who is bullying and the one who is bullied. And also to those who encourages this.

It disturbs a person irrespective of age and gender, impacts the mental health condition and also a physical abuse.

These impacts will be the outputs in the future. After entering into a matured stage, these scars of bullying will remain as the nightmares in the victim's life. They'll haunt everywhere.

Inferiority complex and social anxiety disorders increases. This is more than any torture.

Who gets bullied?

The answer would be, anyone at anywhere. A person first encounters with bullying when he/she is in the school.
It all starts with some kind of fun, but it becomes very serious in the end.
Bullying is not limited to those school walls, their wings are wide spread. It's impact increases with the age.

Even at offices there is bullying. It's like gaining upper hand over the other. Even words which hurts others is also a bullying.

Impact of bullying and why to say 'no' to it :

At school level, kids develop their skills and learn the basics. They learn both the real world experience and book knowledge. When they are haunted by any other kid, their mindset switches them to afraid to such people in their entire life. They will never accept to be in such situations again. They develop hatred and violence against those kind of bullies.

Their creativity is buried and they can't express their feelings because of getting bullied.
School managements and college managements in a collaborative way with the government are taking steps to prevent this bullying. Since this is not a spontaneous result, it will take time to implement and follow the methods.

Extreme bullying will lead to suicide and it's a crime.

Knowing all these effects of bullying, all are negative. There is a need to keep a check for this.

Already many such steps are taken, we're happy for that.
Let's see what more we can do.

Types of Bullying :

Based on the areas, bullying is different types. It's main theme is to devalue the victim, but there are forms.
Cyber bullying and direct bullying both are different. Cyber bullying is only done on the social networks, most of the youngsters are prey to this.

Direct bullying is done offline. It's a face to face one.

The Role Of Family In Rising Up Against Bullying :

Family is where everything begins. It is the place which feels so comfortable and we only learn many things being in a family.

All the moral values, behaviour and respect are taught in the family. It's like an environment which teach a kid to move on with some respect in the society. Family plays a very important role in designing a child's future and shaping him/her.

The Father is the head of the family. He takes all the responsibility of his kids. He must not live the teaching part to the mom, because ladies are busy with homework. When coming to teach the kid, both have to take an equal share. But, if father takes more, it will be better.

Falling back to the bullying, kids won't complain about this at home if the parents are very strict, but not friendly. They won't share anything with parents because of the fear. 
Few parents think that they are controlling their kids with the fear, no, it's a big mistake because that fear will one day make them to commit a mistake.

Developing a very friendly nature with children will lead them under the parents' sight. Allow them to share their opinion and value them. No matter how silly they seem to be, they've that right to share.

When the home is like real home, kids those who are bullying others and those who are getting bullied can be controlled.

It's in the hands of a family, to make a kid a good or bad.

If we observe the social networks, there are many celebrity accounts. In those accounts we see many comments, many are abusive. We can't even read them out sometimes, why? Because of their rude and vulgarity. 
When we see who are they commenting in such a bad way, 70% of them are teenagers. What's going wrong? And where is this all beginning?

When a guy compliments an actress, it's okay! But, when he bully her and makes that as his habit. What's next? He'll do that soon in real life too. That means he is close to crime.

Both the parents may be busy with their daily jobs and tasks. But, they must not ignore their kids.
In both the cases, if they ignore a victim they are not helping him. If they ignore the bad guy, they are preparing an anti-society weapon.
Bullying World's Showcase

I don't think the launch of many anti-bullying committees and projects will get down this evil. Everything's in family. 
If family involved then it can be done.

Nothing is unstoppable, there is a solution and on this issue the solution and the answer lies with the family.

We've seen many lives which has ended because of the bullying, suicides and forcible killing. All these are asking us, is there any change yet? Can the people with the similar mindset of them survive today? Or are they going to die like they did?

We, together can build that world. Where the talent don't get buried because of the bullying. Where there is no freedom of expression and abusive language increases, we can cut them all.

What's the need when we say publically that kid is injurious to the society. What's the need to hang them up after the damage has been done.

Role of educational system :

Today's educational system is completely focused on the grades. They only prepare the kids to get good grades, but not the moral values.
The teaching is only limited to textbooks, there will be no lessons on how to behave in the society when one is out of school. 
There are lessons which teach children the respect and increase the personality development. But, they aren't taught that effectively.

Education must not limit to the paper works and subject knowledge. It must be applied in the real life. The lessons must teach us to face the real problems with the problem solving nature. Is there any such educational system?

Prevention is better than cure. Let's act, let's move together.
Build a world where every individual feel responsible for the consequences around him/her.

Are you up against bullying?

P.S : This topic is encouraged by three of my Indonesian friends Mpuzz, Riany and Roui. Few of the above points are pointed by them. Thanks to you ­čśŐ

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