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Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Pledge For Parity - International Women's Day 2016 Spl.

IWD 2016 - World's Showcase
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Gender equality is what we only hear in very special occasions where only women are the central theme of celebration.

It's always a big question on our minds whether this is attainable or not.
This topic is only raised by those who accepts the gender equality and completely understand the value of equality in terms of gender.

History talks about this and present also talks about it. There's only a talking, but no actions and necessary steps are taken. Even if they do take steps, they are forcibly drawn back by some powers in the society.
It's like human vs human.

Below are few names of the women. These are the strong evidence, these are the cause and the reason.

  1. Mother Teresa
  2. Sarojini Naidu
  3. Kasturba
  4. Sharadha Devi
  5. Savitribai
  6. Durgabai Deshmukh
  7. Rudramadevi
  8. Suchetha Kripalani
  9. Shanti Tigga
  10. Mother Mirra
  11. Jagabhai
  12. MS Subbalaxmi
  13. Rukmini Devi Arundale
  14. Amrita Sher Gil
  15. Kamala Das
  16. Anandi Joshi
  17. Sarala Thakral
  18. Lakshmi Sehgal
  19. Indira Gandhi
  20. Kamini Roy
  21. Sister Nivedita
  22. Neerja Bhanot
  23. Kalpana Chawla
  24. Madam Kama
  25. Shakuntala Devi
  26. Anna Chandi
  27. Annie Besant
  28. Ismat Chugtai
  29. Homai Vyarawalla
  30. ____________.

If we observe above names in the history, it says it all. There are freedom fighters, political leaders, artists, pilots, authors and writers, activists, soldiers in the army, teachers, doctors. These are their names and their identities are their designations. But, they are women. They are the same species which are being suppressed in this society where selfishness and authority of males is supported and practised.

Are we able to see the change?

Talking about the change in case of gender equality, many will come forward and say that there is change.
If we ask to explain and support their answer, their answers will be like this. “Girls stepped out, they achieved a lot, they are now in every field. What more do they need?”
“Change is seen, the way of dressing changed, our girls are now westernized, they became fashionable, what more do they need?”

Similar type of answers are seen, but they don't have a point at all. Because there is no change seen. After the freedom it's identical situation to a girl like before freedom.

Those problems are still there, carried all the way from the olden days into the new generation. I see no change.

That same disrespectful nature of men, that same molestations with advanced technologies and that same cruelty behaviour.
Suffering is increased for women when they started to step out and work. Stress increased in their minds, she has to handle both the jobs, in home and out of home. Is that easy?

Culture rules sometimes pushing them back. Respect and honour issues sometimes hurting them. What are they doing?
Hiding these pain and moving on. Moving on by making sacrifices. Where is the change?

Since we've never seen this like happening. This year's theme for the International Women's Day is ‘Planet 50-50 by 2030 : Step it up for gender equality'.

Social networks are playing a major role in spreading the good causes. This year we've the following hashtags to spread the word.

  • #DìadelaMujer
  • #Journéedelafemme
  • #Planet5050
  • #IWD2016
  • #PledgeForParity

And to see the world with gender equality in progress, it takes a lot of time, really long long time.
To feel the practical impact, here is a way towards a practical thinking, an accurate way to achieve the goal.
IWD 2016

Pledge :

Let's make a pledge, head over here at International Women's Day Pledge  and make a pledge.

Following areas are taken into the consideration as a part of the pledge we make above.

  • Helping girls and womens to achieve their ambitions.
  • Challenge conscious and unconscious bias
  • Call for gender-balanced leadership
  • Value women and men's contributions equally
  • Create inclusive, flexible cultures

You can vote by choosing any one from the above category, providing your country, gender and date of birth. An email is optional.

After you vote the following window opens up showing the number of votes and allowing us to add widgets and to download the pledge cards.
IWD 2016 - World's Showcase

One thing I wish to remind is, these special days are not for one day celebration. Entire year and if needed furthermore until we achieve the goal.

Let's fill the HOPE in their hearts :

Amidst of all the horrible incidents around the world. All these heartbreaking news and bad news related to crimes on women. How can we fill the HOPE and make women and girls to feel secure here?

We can do that. It's all in our hands, let's do our job here by supporting them. Encouraging them and appreciating them without any indifferences.

Women deserve to be on top. They aren't the weakness, but power. They are sensitive, but not cowards. Let's pledge above and support them.

Let's #PledgeForParity

To all the women, here am going to pledge, this will stand as long as I live. I won't down my hand which is raised to support you. I knew the power within you, I've seen that power in my mother and sister. I've experienced that miracle power in my good friends who are girls. I've read about that power in the books.
You have the capability to build a house or collapse it. You are the half of men. You are the best and supporting you is an honour.
I kept that 30th name among those great names in the history, that blank is kept intentionally. It is there to write your name someday, one day.

To all the women out there. I wish you a happy WOMEN'S DAY.

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