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Monday, March 28, 2016

The Fourth Dimension - Book Review

Faith, this is the one word that leading the world. This is the only one base for many religious beliefs. When really want to look in to it, there's a lot of work to do.

Faith is the firm belief, it is altered when we go through different rules. True faith is that, which is alive even after beaten.
There are different kind of faiths. Based on any religion or any equivalent belief. We can see faith in ourselves too if we can peek in to our own selves.

Longtime ago, I wrote a Christian book review. I read it and felt it is great to write about it. Now, after many days. That same feeling crept in my heart, to write another review for amother book, which speaks only about faith and it's power.
The Fourth Dimension Book

I heard from many people, quoting the sentences from this book in their speeches. Explaining the incidents which are mentioned in this book, but I wasn't sure from where did they get all these sermons.

These incidents and situations mentioned in this book are no new to me. I've heard about them at one place and another.
Then, when I was referred to read this book by Dr. Sanjai Kumar Zilkar, then I have a strong intention to grab the book and read.

After few months, Ms. Nikki gifted me this on my birthday, many times I've told her to read this book by herself, but she gifted and she didn't read it.

Many Christian believers knew about this book. So many are successful after following the message in it, from the messenger of God.

           - Dr. David (Paul) Yonggi Cho.

In this book, there are questions and answers to most critical thinking about faith, the answers are simple.

When there is no faith in a Christian, then he is just a body without life. When he don't practice faith in his day to day life, his life will be miserable.

In these days of sin, having the same faith like before is a challenge. One who can stand up to this challenge and fight without seizing, they will be victorious.

Role Of Faith In A Christian Life :

Jesus Christ is the central faith for Christianity, his teachings and his miracle healings are the causes of faith.
For an ideal Christian, to have faith is to have life.

Without the faith, the prayers, hymns and fasting don't have any meaning. When faith is the central theme of the Christian life, it is let to torment and made to travel through hardships. It is from both  the powers, from God and Satan. Whoever might be the examiner, the faith must be still without moving. If it's from God, then we will be receiving fruit for it, if it's from evil, we'll be developing more Faith in our lives.

Role of faith is in every walk of life, if I might say, one cannot step forward without faith.

Where Is Faith?

If this is the question, then my answer would be like this. Faith is in you, in me and everywhere. All we need to do is to recognize it and apply it. To apply it, we've to understand it. To understand it, we've to read the word of God, the Holy Bible.

It's an inbuilt resource, unless we don't pay attention to it, it's just there waiting for your approval.

Faith is in you, your willingness to use it is the only key to open the faith doors.

This book, THE FOURTH DIMENSION will act as a mediator between you and your faith. It will bond you together and move you closer to God.
You may ask me, why God isn't helping me? He created everything for me, why can't he make up my mind to practice faith. For this question, there's an answer in this book. Cho answers it as below.

"God will never bring about any of His great works without coming through your own personal faith"

If we observe in the above line, it says our own personal faith, but not of God. If we want to experience the power of God, it's our own faith will make that happen.

If you are a person seeking, searching and struggling to find and walk a consistent road of faith in your Christian life, then dear brother and sister. This book speaks with you.

In the Foreward, Dr. Robert H. Schuller writes that he discovered the reality of that dynamic dimension in prayer that comes through visualizing the healing experience.


Dr. David Yonggi Cho speaks to us in this book from the beginning to the ending. This book will deal with
     A World Of Answered Prayer
       A Creative Way Of Life
         Dynamic Faith
True Communion With God

" The imminence of my death bad brought me to the realization that I needed something greater than a religion, greater than a philosophy, and even greater than sympathy for the trials of human existence. I needed someone who could share my struggles and sufferings, someone who could give me victory. Through reading the Bible I discovered that someone to be the Lord Jesus Christ. "

In the above words of Pastor Cho, we can see the meaning of life and then how he used to practice the faith. When he was 19 hears old and he was dying because of the incurable tuberculosis. He didn't find any help in the systematized philosophies, theories of medical science or any religious rituals.

None of them are able to keep his  mind at peace, then when he realized the faith in him. He didn't delayed to tap it. He woked it up, dusted it and used it.

He found someone who could share his struggles and sufferings, someone who could give him victory. That someone is Jesus Christ, Jesus was not bringing a religion, a code of ethics, nor a series of rituals.
The Fourth Dimension Book

THE FOURTH DIMENSION (vol. 1) consists of 6 chapters.
They are ...
(1). Incubation : A Law Of Faith
(2). The Fourth Dimension
(3). The Creative Power Of The Spoken Word
(4). Rhema
(5). The School Of Andrew
(6). God's Address

We'll be seeing all the key points in it. The rest you can read when you grab a copy.

In the process of incubating the faith, Pastor Cho went through a good lesson in his life which is with the help of the Holy Spirit.
In earlier days of his ministry, he don't have a chair, table and a bicycle. He began to pray to avail them, but even after year, God didn't gave them to him.
One day when Pastor Cho prayed again in worry, he got the idea of praying for those three things with specifying them. Like the size of the table, chair's style and bicycle of a particular country.
When he prayed like this, writing on the paper that which type of table and chair he want and type of bicycle. He believed that he got them, thanked God and he moved on. After few days he got all of them.
He believed in the following Bible verse from the book of Romans.

"(As it is written, I have made thee a father of many nations,) before him whom he believed, even God, who quickeneth the dead, and calleth those things which be not as though they were."
Romans:4:17 (KJV).

From then, he prayed a clear-cut and a specific prayer, but not just a prayer. There's another incident on specific prayer is mentioned in this book.
A young lady who is praying for 10 years to God for a good husband. She is just praying a casual prayer, with faith. But, God needs to give you an answer for a specific prayer.

When she approached Cho, he told her to write down the 10 points, like his husband's colour, his job, his hobbies etc. And then he advices her to pray with those 10 points. She did that and God answered her prayed.

So, we must be clear from our side to get what we want. We must be specific in our prayers to the Almighty.

Behold, this specific prayer must be done with a burning desire and faith, including the will of God in it.

Power Of Words We Speak :

What we speak we become that, what we see we become that.

We've to learn when to pray and when to command. Most of the Christians pray a lot, they beg God 'please... please... please... Lord' It's not bad, but it's not how we have to pray.

Jesus never prayed to heal someone or to calm down the storm, he just commanded it. That's awesome, the power of our speaking words will define who we are and what we are.

"Thus I learned one secret: before you give the word, the Holy Spirit does not have the proper material with which to create. If the Holy Spirit imparts faith into your heart to remove a mountain, do not pray and beg for the mountain to be moved; rather speak, "Be removed to yonder sea!" and it shall come to pass. If you learn this, and make it a habit to speak under the Holy Spirit's anointing, and in the faith God gives you, then you are going to see many miracles in your life"

"God does not use you because you are completely sanctified, for as long as a Christian lives he will be struggling with the flesh. God uses you because you have faith. So brothers and sisters, let us make use of the spoken word-for success in our personal lives"


Pastor Cho also explains us in this book what is the fourth dimension. It's where all the spiritual growth takes place, God being the one in the fourth dimension, created human in the third dimension and gave him control over the second and third.

We can see healings and miracles, visions and other form of unusal things happen to us. It all takes place in the fourth dimension.

In this fourth dimension. Both, good power and evil power will work, but they never be one. In the end, good dominates the evil.

"God then taught me that since we can link our spirit's fourth dimension to the fourth dimension of the Holy Father- the Creator of the universe- we can have all the more dominion over circumstances. Praise God! We can become fantastically creative, and we can exercise great control and power over the third dimension. "


If we can read the book of Genesis, there is the Father of faith, Abraham.

"Who could change Abraham so much? The Holy Spirit, because God had applied the law of  the fourth dimension, the language of the Holy Spirit. A vision and dream changed Abraham, not only he, but his wife, too, were wonderfully rejuvenated. Later on in the Bible you can read how King Abimelech tried to make Sarah his concubine: ninety-year-old-Sarah, who had been rejuvenated through the law and language of the fourth dimension."

"Through dominion in the fourth dimension- the realm of faith- you can give order to your circumstances and situations, give beauty to the ugly and chaotic, and healing to the hurt and suffering"

To apply the law of the fourth dimension, we've to incubate the faith, being in this third dimension and thinking in the fourth dimension.


When faith bear no fruit, then that faith isn't real. Having faith in God's word is like a habit and a knowledge. This knowledge about God and his nature will not help us to face the problems of life, these are like alphabets. When we use them to build sentences, then they are effective.
The Fourth Dimension Book

In this book, Pastor Cho differentiates between this knowledge faith and the real faith.

"In the Greek language there are two different words for 'word,' logos and rhema. The world was created by the Word, logos, of God. Logos is the general Word of God, stretching from Genesis to Revelation, for all these books directly or indirectly tell about the Word, Jesus Christ. By reading the logos from Genesis to Revelation you can receive all the knowledge you need about God and His promises; but just by reading you do not receive faith. You have received knowledge and understanding about God, but you do not receive faith.

Romans 10:17 shows us that the material used to build faith is more than just reading God's Word: " Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God." In this scripture 'word' is not logos, but rhema. Faitg specifically comes by hearing the rhema."

Wait on the Lord :

Many of us, make huge promises, pray constantly and we just don't wait for the Lord. Perseverance is the best tool to include in the Christian living.

Don't just make wishes and run away, but wait on the Lord. He knows your needs and will fulfill them according to His will. When we achieve anything under His will, they stay forever with us.

"God is always there, and He is testing you. Sometimes God wants to stiffen and strengthen your backbone; and sometimes while being strengthened you can almost hear the bones cracking. But if you stand on the Word of God and have faith, and then God will never let you down."

Agreement with God :

Whenever you pray, you pray like an inherited, but not like any beggar. We have the authority to call things and feel them, even making miracles. Because we are as powerful as Christ.
The Fourth Dimension Book

All we need to learn is to work together with the Heavenly Father.
If you and God are both working together with a similar goal. Your words fills the emptiness.

"God is your help, God is your abundance, God is your success, and God is your victory. If two men do not agree, how can they work together? So to walk and work with God, you must engraft God's type of consciousness to your own."

War with 4 sins :

Before we begin to work with God, let's wage a war against these 4 sins.
  1. The sin of hatred
  2. The sin of fear
  3. The sin of inferiority
  4. The sin of guilt

If we pass through all the above 4, then we can make it to wonders.

Sin of hatred is all about forgiving others. We must not hate anyone.

We can't live in fear. Here in this book,  Pastor Cho gives us a clear cut that fear is a faith distraction. 
It's like a person who constantly says that he is weak, weak and weak. Then he becomes weak. If someone say that they can't do anything because of the elder age, then they began to become weak.

If you fear for something, that will haunt you and will hit you one day.

This is the book to fuel the faith. 
It doesn't matter if you are Christian or non-Christian. This book helps you to maintain the positivity in you. Feeding your faith with the powerful words.

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