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Friday, March 18, 2016

The Pulchritude Of Sacrifice

Sacrifice - the word which has its honour. The word which has the power to change and the word which really stresses the love.

We all are familiar with this 9 letter word. We know what it takes to sacrifice, we all are there at some point or the other.
It's not that easy to do, it's really hard to keep into the action.

This word, if brought into action, history will praise it for ages and ages, generations will talk about it.

It's not an act of ordinary people, but an act of extraordinary. Only a few in this world are up to it. Sacrificing something and never wanting it back requires a huge heart. And a bold thinking.

If we observe the world we are living now, we experience lots of bad. We feel sometimes like giving up on various occasions. We feel really low.

We feel alone and nobody in this world is able to understand us. It's the loneliness, we try to get over it, but we just fail.

Then we seek the real comfort, the real peace. And where does these come from? None other than from a sacrifice.

You may ask me HOW?
Let's see the answer.
There's a kid, who is 5 years old. He is the second child in the family, the first is his sister.
That family is poor, but still they are happy. They don't have any complaints about the life they are living now.

One Christmas season, the younger child wished for a toy. Which is his favourite one. He is dreaming of it since 5 months. He asked his father, that he is expecting that toy as a gift for this Christmas.

The elder sister, who is 9 years old. Came to her mom and asked a Barbie doll for this Christmas.

Both of the parents discussed about their children's wishes. They saved some money in locker for many days to buy new clothes for them. Because they have no new clothes since a year.
Sacrifice quotes

The couple has decided to buy their children's needs. The next day morning, they surprised their children with the gifts they asked for.
Kids felt much happier. They don’t know about the sacrifice of their parents.

Here comes the happiness, peace and comfort from that sacrifice. The children may never know about  this, but they only knew they enjoyed the moment.

As parents, it's their responsibility to make their kids happy. You may ask me for more incidents, which involved not parents.
Well, I have them too.

There are two friends, one is a good guy and the other is bad. They are completely opposite in their thinking. They're only friends because they have been seeing each other face since childhood.

One night, the bad guy went for a night party. Drank full and pick a fight with a group.
They plotted against him and fixed a plan to attack him.
His good friend is passing by, saw all this happening.

His friend, the bad guy is in trouble. Though he isn't willing to mix words with the drunken people, for the sake of friend he went there and tried to calm them down.

His attempt didn't work as they are out of control. His friend isn't in a conscious state to read the situation.
They picked iron rods, knuckledusters and bottles, to attack the bad friend.

This guy is left with no other choice other than indulging himself in that fight to save his friend. They tried to hit him, he saved his friend twice. Then a rod from behind, hit his head as hard as it can.

He was down on the road, dipped in the blood. His body soaked in it. He was rushed to hospital and later declared by doctors that he was in coma.

He sacrificed himself. This sacrifice brought a change in the bad friend. Turned him into good as he began to look after both of their families. Waiting for his friend's recovery.
This sacrifice brought a change in a person's attitude. He is not any parent here. Still, he showed humanity.

There are different types of sacrifices. Some come from an honest heart and other with greediness. Let's see, below are the few types.

Types Of Sacrifices :

(1). Pure Sacrifice :-
This sacrifice is a selfless one. The one who sacrifices here, don't expect anything in return. Not even a thanks.

(2). Impure Sacrifice :-
Here, the person who sacrifices does it in expecting something from others. His heart wants a gift and praise for what he did.

(3). Forcible Sacrifice :-
This is done when someone forces the other to sacrifice. It does not come from a heart, because of the force, it is taken into action. No love is seen in such sacrifice.

(4). Feared Sacrifice :-
This one is like a blackmail. No emotions are seen in this, only because of fear this sacrifice is made. Not a heartful one though.

(5). Fame Sacrifice :-
This is for fame & name in the society. We can't count this in the list of sacrifices, but to show their existence we need to include here.
Fame sacrificing is seen among them who starve for fame. Mostly these are done in public.

Above are few types of sacrifices we will see in the society. Among them, the first one is only countable.

There are also some sacrifices, which we see them as meaningless and judge them as fruitless. But, there's an answer for every sacrifice made. It won't go to waste.

A student thinks that his sacrifice of video games, T.V, is wasted when he/she is failing in the exam.
Here the fruit of sacrifice is not that result, it's the knowledge that particular student has gained and the time since they learned while preparing.

Not those ‘A' grades will mould them into a good person. But, the time spent on reading and learning the values and respecting the study will help them to survive in the world.

One's sacrifice may seem foolish to other, because one man's heaven is another man's hell. Respect the sacrifices mutually if possible. There is no need to laugh at anyone's sacrifice.

SACRIFICE - The Central Theme For Many Stories.

Whether it's a real life story or a movie story. Sacrifice is the central theme of success. Where there is no sacrifice, there is no success.
Quotes on sacrifice

Do not regret for any of the sacrifices you made in the past. They are fulfilled, but not incomplete and empty.

An amazing autobiography contains sacrifice and an epic story contains a sacrifice.
There are stories, which will begin and end with the sacrifice. Sacrifice is a hero.

And only and only a few, will be heroes.

Are you ready to be a hero/heroine???

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