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Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Life In Plastic

We all had special toys in our childhood. We all made a promise to them that we'll never leave them at any cost.

Gave them a very special place in our hearts, that time we were kids. And we almost feel these toys or dolls as everything.

Once we grew up, these special dolls are only seen in the cupboards of our storerooms.
Our parents will look at them and remind us of those days which we played with them.

We'll listen and ignore. Some of us still preserve those toys and dolls. Some of us have the same love, but don't have enough time to spend with them.

If we do spend, ‘they' call us mad. Who cares, our madness is our likeness.

Here, this poem is about a doll. Which is plastic, but felt like it having a life.
Let's see what it has to tell the world and the person it loves.

World's showcase - Life in Plastic Poem
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Many think that there is
no wheeze in me.
But, someone made me
to feel alive, twenty years back.

It's the unmitigated love
and the special foster of
the one whom I love very much.
She is my love.

Am made of plastic, head to toe
hooded with plastic.
My heart is plastic, so does my

I found life in the love
of my heiress.
This world disappeared at once, when am fondled
by her.

Affection made me to forget,
that am lifeless.
That no ifs ands or buts love
made me to forget that i'm a doll.

Now am rediscovering the same love,
I couldn't get it anywhere anymore,
she is big now, playing a life game, but not with dolls.

Dust veiled my face.
I'm not sanitized for years,
dwelling in an ill-suited place,
keeping that ray of hope alive.

I can spend the rest of my life,
with the memories from past.
They are my food and shelter and strength for me now,
she'll be the ‘one special’ to me for ages and ages.

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