Brutality Took A Form On National Highway - 1 - Murthal, Haryana Feb 22 2016 - World's Showcase


Friday, March 04, 2016

Brutality Took A Form On National Highway - 1 - Murthal, Haryana Feb 22 2016

Rapes in India - World's Showcase

Last time, when I went in deep to discuss the brutality against women, one of my schoolmate said that “whatever you write, whatever you do, whatever you think, whatever the law is introduced, no matter how cruel the law is. Brutality on women doesn't stop in India. No matter what you do, it just don't work that way”

After hearing her saying this, I tried to give her hope. Told her about the activeness of the law and order, tried to convince her that she is in a safe zone.
Boasted about my greatest country that, harassments and molestations will only occur rare. But, there are grateful things in our country to feel proud.

Today, after that day, I sat in a dark room. Listening to my heartbeat and recalled that day, those words of Preethi Biswas, my good friend. She was right.
She is right today, I never thought again that I am going to discuss about this kind of topic after the Nirbhaya case. Unfortunately, it hit me down again. Forcing me to hang my head with shame.

Alleged rape of 10 women by 30 men :

What am I writing? Being a human, those numbers mentioned above seems to be like any movie shooting or any short film title, which aimed to show moral values. Unfortunately, it is REAL.

Feb 22 2016,
National Highway - 1,
Murthal, Haryana,
Dist : Sonepat.
Time : After the sunset.

It is clear that, on our Indian roads at night no girl will walk safe alone and reach home. Night is another thing, when the place is not a remote one, she can't walk alone. Sad thing is even if she is with her friends and family (both male or female) it's not a secure system too.

You may ask me why, you'll get all your doubts cleared by the end of this post.

What happened in Haryana on the above mentioned timings???

Vehicles are moving on the NH-1 (cars). They are braked by some goons, 30 men. The purpose was not a ‘loot’ it's something, more evil.
There are people (same humans like those goons, not aliens) in those cars. The males in those cars managed to flee from there (of course  to save their lives). Leaving the female occupants all alone in vehicles. And they didn't managed to escape.

Goons set the vehicles on fire. And they are after the helpless women.

These 30 men allegedly raped the women. According to witness statement, they are 10 in number.
That ‘so called-men' (well my heart isn't allowing me to write they are men) raped these women in the nearby fields and left their lifeless bodies naked in the fields.

They are their until the male relatives came and found them there. Hassanpur and Kurad people gave ladies clothes to cover their bodies.

Isn't this a NATIONAL SHAME?

After the incident, the officials ignored the issue considering it as a rumor.
The district officials tried to bury the truth by telling the victim families not to mention it, because they are concerned about honour.
Instead of focusing on the inquiry, the officials went to preserve the honour? Is this the honour? Isn't this the shame?

Did we fought for freedom to experience incidents like this?

What is a true CITIZEN's duty???

After reading the burning post from Sangeeta ji from TSS, my favourite blog which I regularly stick to. She wrote it with all the pain and anguish through a poem.

I came to know from her post that few people, who are the responsible citizens of India and highly educated are supporting their state by ignoring and hiding the truth from the world. Pretending like it never happened.
Is this the true CITIZEN's duty? To hide the crime and boast the good works. Confessing the shameful act and mixing hands to fight is what true citizenship means.

If such brutality is covered, such incidents will keep on occurring regular basis and then accepted as a right. Can we let that happen?

It's time to rise the voice. Keeping silent is no more recommended, our silence is deafening. It is considered as the strength less. So, are we lack of strength?

Education will only get it's thing done when it is applied in real world. What we call a person who is highly educated and lacking the moral values? An animal? A beast is a right fit.

Highly educated fools do exist in our society, we are confronting them daily in our lives. The one from the post office to the higher officials. Those who demand bribes and gifts to move their task forward.
You can name them whatever you would like to.


We are proud when our country achieve success in any field. It's love for our country, it's our duty too. When there is a mistake made by a citizen, whom we know and belong to a particular region. We try to hide the fact so that that localized fame doesn't fade. It's the love, no I call it obsession.

That obsession is like parenting.
When a kid steals a coin from our house, if we praise him for what he did. He takes that as an appreciation and go for the next steal. If we warn him and explain him that stealing is bad and it is not right thing to do. Maybe we punish him and injects the moral into his brain. That makes the kid to correct his mistake and avoid him in repeating the same mistake in future.

Likewise, if we love the country, we must show it in actions, but not in useless words.

Burying facts and denying to accept them isn't encouraged. This will not make our India an incredible India.

We can play our part and design an India. The country which we dreamt of, which is the dream of the freedom fighters and many activists. We could together make the change, we still have time, if we think, we can do.

Education and wisdom aren't scarce here. But, don't let the mistakes defended by using these as tools. These have the power to build and destroy. Choose which side are you?

We are the one to change the country, then the world. How can we assure the foreigners security where we are scared of sending our girls alone to next city?

Enough is enough :
Molestation - World's Showcase

This is enough, this isn't the very first post of mine to talk about this kind of issue. Am living on the freedom land, where legends dwelled. Am walking on the land of gift. When filth like this Haryana incidents hit my mind. My heart mourns, it forces me to take the ink and spread it out. It's time, it's time to write.

Criminals are roaming freely, those who are raping girls are in the news. Like celebrities they are given attention by the media.
It doesn't show the route to justice. It creatively plays the scene with graphics and narrates it.

When coming to the justice, it's out of topic. They need the viewers, they need the ratings. Who cares about the justice.

I wonder how few educated people could try to bury the fact about a mass gang-rape. Where is the humanity gone?

Falling back to Haryana incident :

Here, what is happened is happened. We can't change it, we can't give their respect back to the victims. Discussing it is more hurt. Still, I would like to point two points in this.

Number one, it is reportedly said that those males who are in the vehicles ran away to save their lives from goons. I wonder how could they do that? Didn't they thought about those women with them? How can they ran and return after?

Those women are defenseless, but if the presence of at least a man can make a big difference there. They can fight.

Of course, I agree that goons outnumbered. Still, it is the responsibility of a person to fight the situation by seeking help. How can they leave women in such terrible situation???

Second point is, why did the wise men trying to hide this? For honour? Where is the honour? It's lost when these 30 men committed the deed. They are the Indians too, not any invaders from a foreign land. When the one in the house commits a mistake, it takes away the honour. Why don't they take action on them? Immediately.

We thought roaming a girl alone on road at night is dangerous. But, what happened here is. Not any single girl is roaming on the road, they are 10 in number and were in their vehicles. Not alone, they are accompanied by men.

We need Justice :

Nobody can guarantee that this is the last to happen.
Can those officials promise us that this won't repeat in the future?
Can they assure my sisters that they can take care of them?

A big NO, it's not a thing to discuss either.
We need Justice, not a rumour, not a fake.

I hope those who are trying to save the honour and respect. Realise that saving honour means not to protect the crime with the power. Suppressing the truth is like a nuclear reactor, it will explode one day if overloaded.

Their tears are questioning us.
Let's bring the justice, let's build a society with good moral values. Humanity is the only thing kept in mind.

Am not any feminist, not any victim, am writing this with all the pain. As a citizen of India it's my task.

My request to all the bloggers, to write about such incidents and fight against the evil.
My request to my dear readers, let's strengthen by togetherness and build a clean India.

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