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Monday, March 21, 2016

3 Telugu Short Films Review Back To Back

I had attempted to write a review for the Telugu Short Film last time, it was successful. And keeping that in mind, am going to review more 3 short films from that same director Mr.Otte Shiva Kumar.

He is the one guy whom I met during my engineering and he is a senior to me. Very friendly and enthusiastic about directing the movies.
Telugu Short Films - World's Showcase

He always says that he is made to become a director. He relentlessly works for it, his aim never changes. I am glad that I met him. We do have lots of memories together like going together to some parties.

He made three short films with a good message to students and youth. Due to various busy schedules I fall behind in reviewing them.

Now I got enough time to view them and write about them heartfully.
When Shiva Otte directs, there must be a good message in it. He conveys it in a beautiful way.
Here are the recent 3 short films from his 12SK productions. Each one with a striking thought and uniquely designed to impact youth. 

When a boy or girl steps into the college, their dreams and goals changes. Only few students are able to stick to their childhood or school made goals, the rest will move with time. One common thing we observe in college life is love. Students will get easily attracted to the love thing. Knowing not what it is actually, their age makes them to take a wrong step, then this will ruin their lives and career. 
This kind of problems is quite common during our college life. They are enjoyable as long as  not injurious to our career, but not all guys have the same thinking about this. They feel like this is only life they got and that is the only moment.
Hurting themselves, their parents and the opposite gender occurs. 
In this True Love Story short film, we can see the clear insight of an engineering student in terms of love. He falls in love like everybody does, but his focus is not altered by any such attractions.

In to the story :

Shiva is an engineering final year student. He loves a girl, Nithya from the same college since four years, but never proposed her. This is not due to any afraid of rejection, though the girl had rejected many guys who proposed her, Shiva has lot of confidence that she will accept his love.

Shiva has two dreams. One is to become a big director and second one is to marry Nithya. The reason why he didn't proposed her is discussed with his close friend, Kamal.
Shiva explains him what is the difference between a true love and attraction. He reveals that he loves Nithya from 4 years, before this his even Kamal never knew about Shiva's love story.

Shiva don't want to disturb Nithya by making her love him back and waste her time with him. Because she has a goal to reach, he don't want to distract her from that. 
After falling in love, they might waste the valuable time by roaming in parks and theaters. He doesn't want that, he loved her sincerely by staying away from her.

During their final semester, Nithya meets Shiva, he proposes and explains his love. She answers positively and accepts him. Telling him that she will be heading to foreign for further studies and she may not be able to see him for 4 years. 
Again Shiva says, he is ready to wait for her as long as it takes. He says he enjoyed by watching her and dreaming about meeting her. Now he will cherish in the meeting all the 4 years.

She asks whether he is serious about waiting and asks him for the phone number. Shiva again rejects to give his number. Because that will make her to call him daily and becomes a disturbance to her study. Rather he gives his dad number to her, so that she can call him after 4 years to find Shiva. 
Both will agree and appreciate their love, moves on and finally gets married.

(2). Dhoola ( Craziness in English ) :-
This is a fun and entertaining film which rotates round a game called 'spirit game'. 
Few people will sit around in a circle and they place a paper sheet with few squares drawn on it and with words like spirit come and spirit go.
With the help of this, they call upon the spirits roaming around and make them to dwell inside their body for sometime and then they'll know the problems and unfulfilled dreams of that particular spirit.

In to the story :

Shiva and his friends will gather and plays this.  When it Shiva's turn, he is under full control of that occupied spirit. He can't cast that spirit away by saying 'spirit go', because that spirit gains full control over Shiva's body.
Now it makes him to force his friends to do lot of works, with the fear of the dwelling spirit, they listen to his orders and they do what it warns them to do.
Shiva is no more Shiva, now he is a spirit. He entertains himself by making fun of the friends and by keeping them new names.
They are disgusted with the spirit and began to think about a way out of this. One of their friend advices that the similar thing happened to a person in past. When something good news like fulfilling a dream hits the ears of the body, then the spirit can leave him. Because the person with the body won't let the spirit in since his dream got fulfilled.
They started to think about the dreams and wishes of Shiva. Then they came to a point that Shiva loves his girlfriend Jyotsna much. But, she left him as she dislikes him. They got only one choice to escape from this spirit. 
All friends will go to Jyotsna and convince her to love Shiva and to accept his love. Finally, they were successful and brings the girl to Shiva.
Then Shiva turns to a normal guy like before.

Suspense :

It is not any spirit did this all, it's the Shiva himself. Because when he told his friends that Jyotsna has rejected him, they made fun of him and criticised him much. 
Then by this plan, he made them as baits and won his love through the same friends who made fun of him. Watch the video to experience the joy.

(3). Sadhinchu ( To Achieve In English) :-
This is a good moral story teaching the weaker minds who are with the thought of suiciding. When somebody hits a rock bottom and feels like everything is out of their hands, they move so close to the state of depression and finally they'll do this mad deed, suicide. 
Knowing not the value of life and knowing not the true love they own, their mind only focuses on the failure and pushes them to kill themselves.

In to the story :

One guy on top of a fort, trying to jump down and planning to commit a suicide.Then Shiva notices it, ran towards him and drag him down.
Shiva asks the person what was his problem and why is he decided to die. That guy says that he failed in love and that's why he want to die.
Shiva asks to spare few minutes with him and he would like to tell something about life. The guy agress and Shiva starts to teach him the importance of life. In his words, life is a gift. Love is only a part of it and how ever his love failed. If he dies, does it come back?
There are many kinds of love. Family & friends, relatives and siblings love. You lost in a girl's love and are you going to miss these all loving companionships?

Love fills the life, it never aims to take the life away. If it does, it's not the love at all.

Imagine that this world we are living now, ends today! let's imagine there's no more sun and moon and all the people on earth! Think how this world is so empty without all these? It's scary isn't it?

For now, nothing happened. Everything's fine. You are alive and you born by fighting with many in your mother's womb. This life got a meaning and goal. Dieing without a meaning is bad, it is a coward thing.

The world with huge competition is far more better than that empty world.

Let's prove the world that you are something, show your existence at least to your country.
Fight the life like a brave soldier, don't die as a loser.
By hearing all these statements fron Shiva, the guy gives up the suicide idea and decides to move on to achieve something in his life.

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