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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The Heart Listens To No One - It Hums Its Own Song. A book that depicts the love with 35 poems.

35 Love poems
Embedded image of book cover is the © of Purba Chakraborty

When it comes to the reviewing books and movies. I do them very rare, when something touches my heart and grabs my full attention, I'll go for reviewing it.

It's been a long time I did not reviewed any book or a movie. I didn't feel like reviewing because I didn't like the recent reads.

On this woman's day, I decided to read a biography of an inspirational woman. I didn't know who it will be, started to search in the list of project Gutenberg, here and there.

Many biographies have attracted me. Usually I don't see the cover of the book first, I'll go for the title and then for that little sample.

There is someone from Indiblogger. Whose writings speak the language of love and affection. Who is a great poetess.

I have a wish to read at least one of her books, failed because of some problems which are personal. Unable to find enough time to read a book in a day and failed to concentrate.

Since am in a remote area, online shopping is a big challenge to me. They say it can't be shipped, few are shipped.

But, my wish remained fresh to read her works. She is none other than Purba Chakraborty.
She is a blogger, author, poetess and multitalented.
And on women's day. I saw that her latest book is on Kindle.

I never used a Kindle app before. All the digital library of mine is maintained by other third party sites.
To read her book, I installed Kindle app for the first time and then downloaded the book.

The Heart Listens To No one - It Hums Its Own Song

After reading that title, we have to come to a point that. We must read this with heart. Because it's a heart language, but not a mind language.

The book comprises of 35 poems. Focused on the love, categorized under the following 4 themes.

  • Unconditional love
  • Longing
  • Romance
  • Fond Reminisces
  • Separation

We can see the poems on the above themes, all are part of love.
Besides, this book is a good read for both, those who are in love and those who aren't yet.

Love is a part of our life, it dominates us 50% in our lives,  the rest 50% are different kind of emotions and feelings. Among them, love is the main loop.

If a person in love reading The Heart Listens To No one - It Hums Its Own Song, he/she will cherish in it. It helps them to give an insight into the bonding and strength in their relationship.

These are poems, so what is the best way than this to convey a message to lovers than a poetry?

And those who are not in love. Well, this is a lamp. It will help you to walk in love light and how to embrace it.

Here in this book, Purba explained crystal clearly about the relationship between the love and music. It's all in the title of the book itself.

Each line in these poems will knock the doors of our hearts. Awakes the hidden love and makes it to dance with joy and peace.

“Like two birds with
one wing each;”

If we observe the above words, we know how much meaningful way the love has.
And we've many such lines in her book.

“-My heart became a
canvas of your painting “

Love is more a heart thing than the mind. When your heart is a canvas to your partner, there comes epics of painting.
Understand it in whatever the way you understand. One thing is guaranteed, you'll be floated in the ocean of love.
35 love poems by Purba
© Purba Chakraborty

In the Kaleidoscope poem, Purba writes as follows.

“If my eyes are the
Yours are the
Kaleidoscope to my soul”

These are the words which will go down in the history as the modern love poetry. Having a book like this with you is like having a good support and praise with you.

“You are my poetry - you dwell
in the crevices of letters”

It's hard to say which poem is my favourite one, I can't judge among these 35 poems. If I pick one, the rest will give me a feeling of missing them.

Fully loaded with love, hard to say which poem is best, but worth keeping all the 35 in the list.

We can see the pain of heart in the separation category.

The Heart Listens To No One is a good pick to gift your loved one, or to read by yourself.

It's a 27 minutes amazing reading. Which will give you an amazing experience.

Go grab your copy now on Amazon.

Click on the title below to buy.

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