T20 World Cup 2016 - Viewing it with technology eyes - World's Showcase


Tuesday, March 22, 2016

T20 World Cup 2016 - Viewing it with technology eyes

T20 World Cup 2016 - World's Showcase

Cricket been India's biggest celebration since decades.It feels like India is the home of cricket, but England took that credit.

Indian cricket fans made this game as a part of their life. They've created a strong bond with cricket. They'll consider a person as fool if he says that he doesn't know how to play cricket.

This love made Indian fans to stick with this game forever, no matter what happens behind, they just don't care.

Back to the past, when it's a 20-20 game, it's like a fiesta to any cricket fan in those days. That game ends in a very less time and involves hitting big shots and awesome dives.
Miracles are set to experience in the field when a 20-20 game is going on. But, many people, even legends felt that this T20 format will be like an eclipse to the test cricket format. They're worried about this, luckily that didn't happen.

Test cricket got it's evergreen fame like before, it hasn't shaded away.

T20 - The Fast & Furious Gameplay :

In this running world, everything is intended to happen quickly. From internet to any journey, fastness is encouraged. So, why not a cricket?
T20 format has revolutionized the entire cricket. Youth loved this, it's a hub of new shots and game plans.

Nobody thought that this T20 will survive in this generation. Because it will end soon and can make us feel like more match. But, it didn't happen. T20 made a huge impact and it is now ruling.

#T20 World Cup 2016

This year's T20 World Cup is hosted by India. Team India has higher expectations to win the gold this time, like they did back in 2007.

I want to pick two teams, which are my good friend Venkat Jaggarapu has picked up as hot favourites of this 6th edition of World T20.

We'll discuss about this further in this post. Now let's see the history of the T20 World Cup.

History of T20 World Cup :-

This is the prestigious cricket event organized by the ICC (International Cricket Council), once in every two years.
Since its inception in 2007, this world cup format never lost its charm. Back in 2007, South Africa was the host, in that India won the gold.

Let's see the following image on who won the  world cup in last five years.
T20 World Cup 2016 - World's Showcase


As I discussed above about this year's hot favourite team. I must shortlist the teams to two, because it will be easier to discuss. Am going impartial  here. And this is not any prediction, but only my own opinion.
To the team India, I've added the Caribbean team because they got the burning desire to once again win the cup. Now, it's their move in the super 10 group, by winning all the 2 matches, West Indies made a statement that they are dangerous.
T20 world cup 2016 - World's Showcase
courtesy of Crickbuzz.com

Their top order is strong and firm with hitters and the Caribbean team now comprised of all rounders. This will benefit them to step into the finals. If they can make it to the finals, then we can experience a tough fight.

Coming to the host team, India, even though they lost a match, the doors aren't closed yet. By a convincing win against Pakistan. It's the Indian team and fans awaiting to bring home the cup, with all the power and investing the hard work.

Virat Kohli, he is making the team to win. Of course not on his own, but he is driving the team to that point where it can take a victory. Now he is the one called icon.
It's the entire team's efforts and talents are going to benefit here. And however, it's the Mr.Cool captain of all time, M.S Dhoni is there too.

We all love the game, it's these batsmen and bowlers that fill the life in the game by their unique shots and fielding.
T20 world cup 2016 - World's showcase
courtesy of Crickbuzz.com

Let the best win here, will the West Indies dream come true? or is it India's turn to be glorified. Let's see this.

T20 World Cup 2016 And The Technology :

When I was in school, when any cricket match was ongoing. Then one of our classmates asks the teacher permission for water, he rushes to a nearby friend's house or a coffee shop to know the score. He carries that message for the entire classroom, in the end, even teacher knows what was the score.

When he returns from the shop/house, eagerness will cover the classroom. When he's back, he has to face the bullets of questions. I remember this very well. It's from 2005 or 06. In those days, no Android device was available. The networking is also very feeble. We've to subscribe to the mobile alerts and invest much money on this subscription.

Where are we today? In a world which is controllable by a single tap. We can watch the match live and get the updates live within milliseconds.

The Betting Arena :

There are these illegal settings on the matches. People who predict the outcome of any particular match will do the betting thing. This illegal to do, we've seen so far many settings and all are now or then exposed to the law.
Betting is something that which is addictive, it will encourage a person to invest and then winning or losing depends on the match. Prediction based illegal game. This will also develop hatred of the players when they don't fit the expectations of a bet.

Shades Of Fixing :
When I first heard about match fixing, I thought it's going to be bad. And I can't raise my head again as a cricket fan.

But, even the shades of match fixing crept on top of the talents. This hasn't killed the love of the cricket fans on the game.
Once again, it is proved that, not only fixing, but any kind of such activities may happen in future. One thing is clear, fans are fans.

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Share your opinions on this post and which team is your favourite in this season? Do share your valuable views below in the comments section ­čśŐ

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