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Saturday, February 06, 2016

Cut My Wings

There is a parrot, lovely and faithful to its master.
The parrot knows that its master loves it to the core, he feeds it, nurtures it and caress it.

Food, water and a golden shelter, everything are there for the parrot. What is the world beyond that golden shelter is unknown to the parrot. Since it is a newly born flesh, it is under the kind hands of it's master.

After a few years,,when the golden cage moved to a new place, there sunlight falls and rain droplets touch the skin. It is a window.

Everyday parrot felt sad, lacking something in it’s heart. But, don't know what it is.

Now, it saw out from the window. Those parrots on the guava tree, who are free.

They are not carrying the cages with them, they are completely free. They can reach heights, they can reach forts of provinces.

Now the parrot in the cage knows exactly what is the gap it felt each day. It is being free, freedom.

But, the parrot is faithful to its owner, he is its father. He thought of the parrot's well being, providing the parrot all those needs.

Parrot never dared to escape, it's trapped in between the love and freedom.
And it is writing as follows…

Cut my wings poem

It's an amusement to you,
to watch me in this golden cage, hearing my voice.

But, it's a sheol to me,
I try that this ardor flew away from my mind.

Everyday, during the sunrise and sunset,
I watch the world through the window.

I see my race, flying in the sky.
Flying to the bastille and flying to the mountain peaks.

Your love is prodigious,
it made me to forget to fly.

My wings are like lifeless sticks,
as if they are there to add some color to my beauty.

Am drowned in desolation,
I cannot be unfaithful to you.

Oh! Rabbi, you are my beloved.
cut my wings, cut my wings.

My freedom is ungenerous,
it only leave me a life without you.

My freedom is narcissistic,
it knows no way.

Oh! Rabbi,
cut my wings, cut my wings.

My feathers don't know,
the affection for you.

My wings need to be free,
but I want to be with you.

Cut my wings, cut my wings,
So that I never try to fly.

[ Sheol = Hell ; Rabbi = Master (Hebrew) ].

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