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Sunday, February 07, 2016

Fantastico Week Of Love & Affection - Valentine's Week Special.

Valentine's day is a week away, we are now in the Valentine's week. Valentine's day is celebrated annually. It is the representation of love and affection.

Though the culture doesn't belong to India, Indians adopted this, only because of the reason that love has no religion and region. It is the same anywhere in the world. We cannot point any differences between the western love and Indian love.

Valentine's day is celebrated on February 14th. This is followed by some special days in the Valentine's week. These days are like the rehearsal for the main event.
Valentines day - World's Showcase

Since this event is filled with love and affection, this is not only meant for the lovers, but also to all those couples out there, who wishes each morning as they just met.
Love is not limited to lovers, there are many types of love, Valentine's day focuses on the love between the couples only because there is no other special day for them.

Though there are many special days linked to the love, Valentine's day is the perfect fit. There are many reasons for this, which we'll discuss further.

We treat Valentine's day as a symbol of love. Love between two true lovers, love between a husband and wife.

What is Valentine's day?

When we see the history behind this special day celebration, there is no link with the love and the Valentine's day.
Valentine's day or Saint. Valentine's day or The Feast of Saint Valentine, is the day fixed on February 14 by the Western Christian Church and on July 6 by the Eastern Orthodox Church.

This is the day celebrated and widely recognized as a day for romance and devotion. But, the real history behind the Valentine's day has no link to the love.

Valentine's day is the feast to remember a Saint of Rome, named Valentine. There are many unclear issues with this name. In Latin, Valentinius.

History says, there are three persons with this name. First two persons are mostly discussed and thought to be living in the same period. The third one's information is unknown.

But, many writings clearly focused on Saint. Valentine of third century, who was the Roman Saint.

St. Valentine's works :-

Saint Valentine performed weddings of the soldiers of Rome (I guess maybe they are the love marriages). Because, in those days, Roman soldiers were prohibited from marrying.

The second thing St. Valentine is known for, healing of Julia, the blind daughter of Jailor Asterius of Rome.
And when she was no more blind, St. Valentine wrote her a letter named ‘Your Valentine’

Valentine's day as ‘lover's day' :

Valentine's day became a symbol of love in celebrating because of the Father of English literature, Geoffrey Chaucer of the 14th century.
In his poem about Valentines, he raised the relation with the love and romance. He is the greatest English poet of the middle ages.

Valentine's week :

Now back to the modern era, we've seen the history behind the Valentine's day, it's not new to us. Discussion on it worth.

Now, in this modern world, where love totally transformed into a new form. Attached with materialism and physical. There is a need to talk about true love and it's fantastico feeling.

Valentine's day is the same as before, let's make it something different this year.

Let's start with the special days in this Valentine's week.

We've seen them, now to those who are going to celebrate them. I would like to write something for you. And to those, who isn't celebrating, this is worth a reading.
Valentine week special days

Day 1 - Rose Day
Roses are always the lovely flowers. If we see the 90’s love stories, the roses played a major role. Of course, even today they are in. No regrets, here roses, especially the red roses are the lovers choice. So, giving a rose to your lover doesn't mean anything, but keeping the rose fresh forever does.

How? Rose is just a flower, it fades away with time. Yeah, I agree, but the freshness in it when it was fresh is very nice. You are not handing over a withered flower, but a fresh one.

Your love must be like that very first, fresh flower.
Ignoring the thorns and  nurturing the love.

Day 2 - Propose Day

Proposing is the beginning step in the love journey. If accepted, this proposal is the best memory in your life. That day, that moment is the sweetest of all.

Proposing involves voice, body language and gestures. Proposing your loved one doesn't end after the acceptance. It must be repeated once in a week.

Proposing your partner will refresh the relationship. It's a lovely feeling which will sideline few disputes between partners.

Day 3 - Chocolate day

Gifting a chocolate is done on this day, costly chocolates and fancy ones. Chocolate means energy and romantic trigger.

Romance in a relationship is like a sunlight to a green plant. Like the plant, your relationship stays evergreen with a pure hearted romance. Chocolate represents the energetic, confident in both of the couple. And romantic strength.

It's not a single bite, it's must be a bite together.

Day 4 - Teddy day

Teddy bears are girly stuff. Girls are fond of them (not all). Gifting a girl a teddy means, giving her assurance of what she is going to face in her life, to stay with her in her dark and light, happiness and sorrow.

Emotional support is what the teddy bear represents. They will keep this teddy with care.

Day 5 - Promise day

This is the basement of the building called relationship. We named it as marriage.
True love always wins, fairly. There are many love stories, which are the sad endings in real lives. We can't change them, but we can change the present now.

Promising means, standing on it. No matter what comes and hit in the middle. You must abide by it. ‘Promises are meant to be broken’ this is the saying. If they are really meant to be broken, there is no a meaning in making one.

Promise your partner, a real promise which you can stand on it.

Day 6 - Kiss day

Kiss - a first physical act in love. First touch.
A first kiss feeling is a feeling which lasts long. One cannot express it in words.

Kissing your partner must not lead you to further romance. It's a sign, it's a royal signature. It states that, your love is true and with a clean heart you are in that relationship.

Day 7 - Hug day

Hugging your partner represent the security you gave to her. Hugging her is not a sexual desire, it's a promise too. A promise of staying by her side forever, until the last day in your life.

Hugging creates a comfortable environment. When you hug, feel it, feel the promises and feel the love.

Making a Valentine's day as a part of your sweet memory is easy. Let's add the above things to the material gifts. That flavour of love is felt.

Before I conclude, here is an interesting infographic on ‘Valentine's Day Traditions’Valentine
From Visually.

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