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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Tailors Day - 2016


Today is ‘Tailors day’. This is an annual celebration celebrated in several countries.

This is the birthday of Sir. William Elias Howe, sewing machine inventor.

We are now in the world with advanced tailoring. Fashion technology has gone too far from the expectations. Revolution has occurred in the field, but the importance of sewing machines and their contribution remained same as before. This is evergreen.

Tailoring as a profession :

Back in those days, owning a sewing machine is common. Each house got one machine.
When it comes to the profession, it is feeding many families.
There is a caste name for them too ‘Dharjis’. We cannot dream our clothes stitching and alterations without these tailors.

They know the measurements and they are the experts.
There is no regret in saying that this is an art.

Tailoring as a source of income :

When it comes to run a house, income is the fuel. And ladies of South India choose to learn to stitch dress materials and sarees and earn from it.
Even it's not their profession, they work in this field.

Importance of tailoring :

We can't dream a world without a tailor. The style, the lifestyle and female wardrobe. There is the involvement of a tailor and a sewing machine in each work. Having a day for tailors is great to know. It's a sign of gratitude.

Types of tailoring :

Depending upon the style of stitching and the locations, tailoring is named.
Local tailoring, distance tailoring and travel tailoring are few examples among them.

Am glad to write a post on this topic.
Wishing all the tailors on the other side of screen a Happy Tailors Day.

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