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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Impact Of Social Networks In Our Lives - Pros & Cons

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Social networks play an important role in our lives. Without them, the world seems like a shut down computer.

Social networking sites are spreading their services to each and every corner of the world. Making our lives easier by finishing the tasks online.

Gone are the days where one has to wait for days for a reply to any query. With the social networks, within seconds the problem is resolved.
We, human beings became addicted to these social networks because of their speed and accuracy.
This is the revolution brought by the technology.

Being the most popular across the globe, these social networks are not 100% safe. There are pros and cons in them.

One who isn't aware of the facts of the dark side of these social networks, that one is completely free to invite the bad effect.

We can't control everything in these social networks. Though we've moderation in them, we can't prevent someone in saying something abusive. Not only this, but also the visual content uploads are not under our control.

In today's world, everybody is aware of what these social networks are and how do they work. There is a need to discuss the pros and cons of the social networks.


  • Social networks allow us to find lost friends back in the past and connect with them. They help us to expand our world.
  • Being in many social networks increases the popularity. One can boast about it.
  • Office and personal works are done easily with the social networks.
  • These are the best time killers, they'll never make us feel bored.
  • Professionally, if you are an artist or a singer. Your works can be promoted easily with the help of these social networks.


  • On any social networking platform, we are forced to share our personal data in public. If not, no one can find us. Additionally offered benefits can't be accessed without sharing our details. This is a privacy breach.
  • Another thing is, we are tricked and trapped to download the malicious software. We don't know which link leads us to where. Every one of us experienced this. Right?
  • Likes, sharing, posting and updating. These are the key points in any social network. They may cause us trouble by disturbing us mentally.
  • Addiction - When someone is addicted to the social networks, they are unable to dwell in the real world. This is because of the colorful and attractive interface of the social sites. This will lead to distractions and short temper.
  • Connection with the family and friends weakens. Those who are true caring people in your life, they are missed if they aren't on any social site. Relationships will diminish and thoughtfulness falls to zero.
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These are few pros & cons. If we discuss, there are many. There is always a good and bad in anything. It only depends on how we accept it and gives it a place in our heart.

If we became a puppet in their hands, they will play with us. If we learn to control them, everything is under control. There will be no need to say a lie after lie, everything will be crystal clear.

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