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Friday, February 19, 2016

Fantastico Tips To Stay Positive

How to stay postive - World's Showcase
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Positiveness is strength. By spreading it the confidence levels rise to maximum. Everyone of us needs to allocate positivity in our lives. This will help us to move on.

We've seen the Boons Of Being Positive last time. As promised in that post, now it's time to focus on how to be positive.

Positive attitude is good for all, it helps us to ignore the unnecessary things in our lives. It helps us to build our own territory and manage it.
When a person with positiveness is set to face the problems, he/she will face them without thinking about a loss or a defeat. It's because, they don't click on the negativity.

How to stay positive?
Following are the 10 fantastico tips to stay positive.

(1). Mental peace :

Mental stability and having control on our thoughts leads to mental peace.
When a person attains a mental peace, that person is active in making impressive decisions and problem solving nature is abundant in such people.

(2). Avoid distractions :

There are many unnecessary distractions and stress related things in our lives. We all know, they are tough to handle and not easy to get rid of them.
Avoiding distraction and stop thinking about things which hurts you more.
Early morning walk and relaxation will help us greatly.
Remember, these distractions are not remembered when we are succeeding, only success matters.

(3). Expanding ourselves :

Expansion of our network not only helps us to be mentally strong, but also helps us in achieving success.
Spending time with friends and family, maintaining clean and good relationships are recommended.
No need to join any social clubs or paid services for chatting. Talk to the one who is beside you. That's  more than enough.

Having one good and true friend is worth than having thousands of useless ones. One who stays by your side, strengthens you by sending messages is the true friend.
It feels they are with you, even they are miles and miles away.

(4). Talk positively :

When you are in a conversation with the group. Try to utter the words which will reflect the positivity in you. We can control our talking, daily we may be using the negative words. ‘I can't do that', ‘impossible’, ‘no chance’, etc.
Replace these words with the positive words.
Avoid discussions which will lead to the negative side. If you feel that particular discussion is hurting your positive belief, leave that place immediately.
It's your life, everything is under your commands.

When someone approaches you with a problem, keep the negative words aside. Even the problem's severity is hard to handle, who knows, your positive words may impact the opposition minds positively and miracles happen.

Make your friends believe that they have something special talent in them. Don't disgrace, mock or judge anyone. It's their life, it's not your control.

(5). Stick with positiveness

Whether it's an office work or a personal issue. Stick with the positive points in it. If you drift your thoughts on to the negative, you may lose interest. Later, even if you finish the task successfully, there will be no satisfaction.
If you knew something is coming, suck all the positivity in it, leave there itself negativity as a residue. It's a pulp, which is no more recyclable.

Another tip to stick with positiveness is to avoid the discouraging platoons. To know how, read this post 7 Reasons Why We Should Completely Avoid The Discouraging Platoons

(6). Think, work and wish for noblest :

Our thoughts, works and wishes must be only for the best. Positiveness must fill in our mind and exposed to the world with our body language.
Our actions must be of positive attitude.

(7). Planning

A successful person's plan will be like this, he doesn't have enough time to think about his neighbour. Our planning must be in that way.
Condemning others, making them forcibly to accept our proposals and spending time on planning to defeat them must be avoided.

A positive thinker will not try to beat his opponent, but he will make sure to modify his own abilities.

(8). Do not compare :

We all know how a kid feels when his parents compares his progress to the neighbour students. Likewise, comparison to others will make our unconscious mind to focus on them regularly, even if we don't want to.

To switch this activity off, we have to be positive, and positiveness only comes to us when we stop comparing our lives to others.

The Comparison is toxic for those who want to achieve their dreams. Everyone of us is gifted with some talent. It's all the time that reveals it, in a particular time in a particular place.

(9). Rejoice in others victories :

When we hear about a friend's success, we feel jealous inside. Not all people are like this, but many do exist.
When we learn to enjoy and share the equal amount of happiness in a friend's success, it is the true positiveness.
When we party for the victory of our competitors, it's the true step towards success. Am sure, you are so close to your goal, the grand finale of your life.

(10). Usage of energy :

We all have lots of energy, physical energy and career energy. We are super energetic by nature.
Even a powerful lens can't burn a paper with sunlight, without a perfect focus.

From Visually.
Focus on the perfect zone of development and implement it with all the positiveness.

If we are able to follow all the above fantastico tips, we can be positive.

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