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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Navigation Of Life - Voyage Through Hardships

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Life is a challenge, life is a game, life is a journey, life is this and life is that. When somebody asks us to define life, we'll have lots of options to choose from. But, are those options really meant for our lives?

Imagine, if a person who is always a negative thinker. Can he answers to the question as ‘life is positive?’ , no. Because it's far from the reality. And on the other hand, he is lying.

What is life for us? How can you define your life? Is it possible to get a sincere answer from us about our life?

Life, indeed a complex term. A term with lot of questions and answers. A life, a word which worths a talk. Life, a gift.

We all are living, that's why you & me are here today. We all went through brutal times, walked alone in the streets, went to the pain and kissed it. Experienced betrayals and backstabs. But, still we are moving on, still we stand.

Life for me is an exam and an example. It's an exam to me, when I am set to face all sorts of problems. When I won them, people will take me as an example to solve those same sort of problems which I solved.

Life for me is a big game. Where we never knew the exact full time, but keep on playing is what all I can do. I don't know when will the bell will ring and match is called off. I've to keep on playing, caring not for victories and losses.

We are watching, reading everywhere about the suicides. When we heard about them, we feel sad and show sympathy. If we are placed in a similar situation of the victim, we then reach out for an escape. Maybe we are following the same thing, giving up.

But, it's not the answer. We are facing the problem with the breath in our body, let's end it with that same breath left inside, but not an empty one.

We all has to go through hardships, no matter how rich you are or talented. At one point or the other, you have to confront the big challenge. You don't know what form it is, you never know how disastrous consequences they are. You have to face, you have to stand, you have to fight.

It's simple,

“Life is really simple,
but we insist onmaking itcomplicated” - Confucius
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Thinking negatively and visualization of the negativity. It's hard to be positive always, but by thinking practically every day. All problems are nothing, but only another victory in our lives.

Losing courage and control, losing all the confidence leads us to the dead end. There we feel like no chance of survival. But, there is a solution for every problem. If there exists no solution, there won't be the problem too.
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We need to learn, we need to make up our minds to face the truth and to accept the gift of life. Let's start dreaming a life which is our destiny.

Know what is influencing your life. If it's sucking all your confidence, avoid it. No second thoughts on it. It's your life, your game.

Life's most persistent and urgent question is, ‘what are you doing for others?’ - Martin Luther King, Jr.

If you are good at helping people, carry on. If you are good at teaching people carry on. Do it as long as you have the strength to do. But, when you aren't satisfied with your deeds, then the question arises.

Let's make our life a beautiful and peaceful one from today, right from this moment. Enjoy the life as it is, no more expectations for anything or anyone. Dream, work and achieve the dream. Desire is your tool.

This voyage through hardships will be an epic story one day, provided that you sail with all what you got. Never ever giving up.

Let's be an inspiration and stand as an example for the coming generations.

“Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking” - Marcus Aurelius.

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