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Friday, February 05, 2016

Music - The Millions Heartbeat

Music - The Millions Heartbeat
If you are a music lover, you are adding more years to your lifespan. Am not joking, but the studies are saying this.

Music is not only a replacement for that boring time, it is doing more good for us. It is not just a music now, it is a healer. Which work for you whenever you want, on your order.

Primitive man found this music helpful to humans, in all the religious beliefs, there is music. It's a praise, it's a fiesta.

We can find music in every culture, even those old tribes, which are hidden to the modern world.
Why? Why all the people from beginning stick to this music? What's so special about this?

To know the speciality of music, we've to go back in time. And sneak peek at the dark ages. This is nothing, but the earlier stage of music.

Ancient man invented fire, then he discovered the music. Yes, because music is in him itself. The very first musical note and musical instruments are, human beings..
Vocals, yawns, shouting and laughing, screaming out, etc are the basic tones of music.

Later came all those man-made musical compositions and raghas.
Let's have a look at the music eras.

  • Pre-historic
  • Ancient
  • Early
  • Common practice
  • Modern contemporary

The ancient music era was before 500 AD, the early was C. 500 - 1760, common practice C. 1600 - 1900. The last era, modern contemporary is what the current one.
Types and styles of music, we call them as genres. Many genres have a rich history or geographical significance. It's not possible to discuss all the history in a single post, this is just an insight.

Since the Paleolithic era, music has been entertaining us. Music is comprised of pitch, rhythm, dynamics and texture. It is a pleasant form of sound which is very lovely when heard unlike the noise.

Its existence is discussed, because our topic is the purpose of music.
Archaeologists found a bone flute of 41,000 years back. With five holes in it and a V-shaped mouthpiece. This flute is made from a vulture wing bone. This can be considered as the most primitive musical instrument.

Music is our oldest friend. Not only as an entertainer, but also a health guard too. There are lot of benefits in listening to music. Among them, following health benefits are very effective.

Benefits of musical education :

Let's see what are the benefits of musical education in the following infographic. I can say here that, music is a pain killer.
This infographic explains the benefits of musical education.
Why Music? The Many Benefits of Musical Education
From Visually.

Music is an expression of emotions, when physical movement is mixed, it becomes a good dance. Dance must involve a music, but a music doesn't need any compulsory dance.

Classicism, Romanticism, Symphonism is seen in the music. Music has no barriers, it travels around the world.

Types Of Music :

We've been listening to lots of music, different genres from different regions.
These types are originated from the traditions and various practices made my humans in their journey through different ages.

There are many types of music, but they all fall under the below genres. Not all of them are mentioned here, for the length’s sake.
Types of music

A Symphony orchestra is one of those types of music, which involves 30-100 instruments (stringed instruments) playing at once. Symphony falls under the Sonata form.
This is the widely known music type. A Symphonism is the greatest way to praise the music with the congregation of musicians.

  • Alternative
  • Anime
  • Blues
  • Children's music
  • Classical
  • Comedy
  • Country
  • Dance
  • Electronic
  • Jazz
  • Inspirational
  • Instrumental
  • Karaoke
  • Latin
  • Opera
  • New age
  • Rap
  • Rock
  • Reggae
  • Soundtrack
  • Vocals
  • …….. and more

History And Origin Of Music :

Africa is the place where the seeds of music are planted. It spread all across the world later.

Moving to the personalities who are the parents of music, there are many names, from many regions.

In the Vedas, Samaveda has the musical touch. The contemporary music is said to be derived from it. Indians have a special place in their hearts for the music.
Music - World's Showcase

When observing the Biblical history, Jubal was named as the inventor of musical instruments (Genesis 04 : 21) and The Holy Bible has its musical touch with the involvement of the book of Psalms, comprising 150 chapters of songs by David and others.
Song of Songs, the romanticism between lovers, yearning for each other, by Solomon.

Samuel, David and Solomon are the golden names in the Hebrew music.

When we see the history of the father of music, credit goes to Johann Sebastian Bach (1685 - 1750). The title is because of the amount of musical compositions he made.

Another person we need to remember as the legend of music is Beethoven. His life story is amazing. He became completely deaf and this didn't prevent him in composing the music.
And the music he composed in those last 15 years became famous.
World's Showcase - Music

Music is not only liked by living beings, but also by non-living. Music melts the icebergs, music lights the candles, music make the rocks break, music brings the rain.
All these are obeying the orders of the music, because they love it.

Music changes hearts, it's the sound of millions of heartbeats. Music heals, music makes us to tap our feet. What is it, a musical note can't do? I wonder!

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