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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Grace Max Solutions - A Cutting-Edge Consultancy

School life is an amazing life. It nurtures the qualities and adjusts the attitude of a pupil. Makes him/her a bright citizen of the society.
Consultancy - World's Showcase

I don't have lots of memories to share from that colourful life. I spent more days at home, hospital than in a school.

Due to that, my network of friends is very narrow one. Only few friends from school are still in touch with me in real life. Many of them, I lost and I indeed miss them.

Well, I can't change the past now. What had happened in those days are only memories. I don't care if they are sweet or bitter, they are just there to wish me.

Coming to the point, due to my feeble network of friendship. Those who are with me, as my supporters and as encouragers. Who called me on phone and reminded me that even i got some good friends out of my house.
I couldn't forget them, wherever they are, may God bless them abundantly.

Here, Mary Grace Ezekiel is a good friend to me from the school. After the school days, we've never seen each other faces, not even had a contact.
I was a kind of weird person back in past, who stayed in a room, surrounded by four walls, which constantly yelling at me. That's a torture.

When I stepped into my Engineering college, one evening I got a call from Grace. She wished me and began to call me. She is a good friend. We never talked when we are in school, but still that friendship is alive.

Let's stop the flow about me, this post is not about me, but about Grace. She is now in contact with me and achieved one of her dreams in recent days.
She established a consultancy firm. This is a great news to hear, because there are lots of struggles she underwent and battles fought.

She started the consultancy services on Feb 04 2016 (on her dad's birthday).

Who is Grace?
Consultancy World's Showcase

A lovely daughter of lovely couple, Mr. Ezekiel & Mrs. Pramila. A sweet sister to 5 brothers, Emmanuel, Judah, Solomon, Vinay and Vinod.

They all love her much. It's only because of them she is capable to achieve these heights. She is thankful for all the encouragement and inspiration from them.

Grace is known for her handwriting, she sculpts the letters beautifully. Our teachers in school admired her handwriting. She is excellent in communication and able to impress anybody.

A God feared girl and prayerful. She shared her reason to begin this consultancy earlier in the morning. Then I decided to give a shout-out for her new company.

A professional practice that gives expert advice within a particular field is called a consultancy.

Grace Max Solutions

There is a story behind why Grace started the consultancy. It's not her dream or any suggestion before. Her father suggested to prepare for ‘Groups’, but she went into the software side and learnt app.development course.
As a part of a project, in order to get the enough financial strength, she joined as a part-time computer assistant.
Later, her superiors noticed her talent and despite of her qualifications, they handled her a HR post and she performed more than their expectations.
After this, they placed her in a consultancy, where she nailed it too.
Later some disputes occurred between Grace and her colleagues. She then decided to start a consultancy on her own, being aware of the mountainous obstacles, she, with the help of God, her father and family, most importantly, Chinu, who is a very special person in her life, motivated her and stood by her side.
Consultancy World's Showcase

When she came up with the proposal of starting the consultancy, they accepted her decision with respect on her.

Finally, her dream came true, in an unexpected way, she is happy now.

When I heard this from her, I felt this is worth sharing on World's Showcase, because it's a success story, which is real and genuine.

I don't know what kind of battles she fought, we don't know how toughest situations came along her path. But, she made it to success in the end. She is an entrepreneur now.

In her every walk of life, there's Chinu. He is the spine to Grace, with his love and caring, she can do anything. Am amused to see them together.

Below are the few shots of her castle.
Consultancy World's Showcase

Consultancy World's Showcase

Consultancy World's Showcase

Visit :Grace Max Solutions
H.NO. 10-3-65 6-2C,
Jewels Residency,
Opp. Andhra Bank,
Teachers colony,
East Marredpally,
State : Telangana,

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