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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Impact Of Change In Our Lives

We've heard about changes here and there. Change in our lives, change in our attitude and change in different sections of our lives.

Change is necessary to all of us, change must take place. When things are out of control, a change can fix them to normal.

So, how can a change impacts us? How can we accept the change and move on? What is this change?

Let's see the answers to all the above in this post. We are now, tuning in, to discuss about the change.

If there is a problem in our business, we need to bring the change in the body of management. If there arises a problem in our business, we need to change the planning. If there is a problem in relationships, we need to change our attitude.
Change may be different in different situations, but it is notified.

It impacts our rest of life and it impacts our friends & family too.

Let's see, how can we bring this change in our lives. No matter where is the application. It may be a business, personal life or a relationship. The following principles will lead us to experience a good change.

Let's break the code of CHANGE. Change has 6 characters in it. If we decode them, to explain the importance of it and the secret of change. It will be as below.

change - World's Showcase

C - Commitment :

When we are going to take a decision, commitment is the first thing we have to calculate. We have to make plans on maintaining the levels of commitment.
Our works only meet their destinies when there is a strong commitment to that work.
Time management, decision making, planning is included in this commitment.

H - Honesty :

Honesty is the best, without being honest, there will be no change. It may be a professional honesty, or honesty in relationships, honesty is always like a crown. It earns respect.

A - Attitude change :

Attitude represents what we are and how we react. A good attitude is required when we are planning to build a great change.
Changes are necessary to make a change in the attitude.
Whenever it requires, be ready to change the attitude.

N - Naturistic :

When artificiality dwells in us, we expose the wrong side of us to the world. There is a need to be natural. A natural mindset will help a person to experience a good change.
Naturalistic thinking assists in developing a strong personality.
Change must be a natural one.

G - Goal setting :

Imagine a person, with enough energy and talent, but without a goal. He/she keeps on investing the valuable time in a random way. This will lead to a big failure, without a goal or aim, the intended results are away from us. We cannot expect accurate results without a goal.
Hence, if you are going to change, apply the principle of goal setting.
Goal setting is a part of the change.

E - Emotional intelligence :

It is the control of one’s emotions. Awareness on one's emotions and handling interpersonal relationships.
When change is necessary, change in the emotional intelligence also must. One who can't know himself/herself, isn't able to accept the change. ‘Knowing thyself’ is must.
Change - world's  Showcase

These are the qualities which must be possessed by a person who is planning to change. It is compulsory for us all, at one point or the other, we've to undergo through this change.

The impact of change must be a positive one and acceptable by the society. If the change is constant, there will be nothing interesting about it. Change must be followed by another change.

Its impact must be effective and highly skilled. If change occurs without a skill, it won't be a good one. Lack of skill leads to a failure.

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