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Tuesday, February 02, 2016

How To Prevent The Breakup - 5 Fantastico Tips

Breakup - World's Showcase

The two met at the college, exchanged their eyes, stepped into a professional field together, fell in love ___ then a breakup

This is real, we are seeing many couples ending their relationship with various reasons. Some are very silly to hear, but they are enough for a breakup.

I would like to explain the types of breakups and then we will move to the roof of the topic.

A breakup is not all alone, there is an involvement of many other external things. Things like materialistic love, ego, selfishness and impatience and many more.
Based on the situation and the amount of love (love can't be measured, here ‘amount' refers to the years of love) breakups occur at least once in a true love, but that is not a permanent one either.

Let's look at the types of breakups :
  • Egoistic breakup
  • Misunderstanding breakup
  • Jealous breakup
  • Comparison breakup
  • Materialistic breakup

Above five types of breakups are observed in any broken relationship. Let's discuss them in brief, an egoistic breakup is an egoistic mentality. If any one of the couples are suffering with more than needed ego problems, this breakup occurs in no time.
We all know what is a misunderstanding breakup, this is the very common breakup we see among couples. Jealousy is well known to us, comparing a relationship with the other also pushed back to end the relationship. Materialistic breakup means depending on the materials, like gifts and other things.

Breakups are funny, as long as they are nontoxic to the relationship. They are lovely too. But, when they become toxic and poison the love once and for all, then that is a serious thing.

Let's dive into the core of our topic.
We will see here how to prevent a breakup, whether it's between lovers or those who already married.
And few may not agree with the point that the breakup is not a good thing to do. In that case, am neutral to it. Because, when breakup is necessary, it must avail its place.

Before that, let's discuss here, how to avoid a breakup, when it is not intended to be.
These are the 5 tacks, which will avoid breakups.

(1). An Understanding between the two :

This is the old thing, which is referred by many people. But, trying it will renew the relationships.
When both of the couple understand each other, at least 20%, then things are going to be cool, so do the atmosphere.

Where there is an understatement, there will be no fights for unnecessary things. Because you know her and she knew you.

This is the first tack to follow, if you want to avoid the breakup.

(2). Don't be judgmental :

Nobody likes to be with a person who constantly judges. They are not there to attend a court daily right? If you are judgmental, then don't worry. You can cure it.

If you feel like too much judging behaviour with you. Bring it to the notice of your partner to ignore such words from you. Confessing will give a big relief and it adds life to the relationships.

(3). Privacy policy :

There must be some space left for privacy always. If you both are life partners or love partners, there must be a privacy policy with you.

There are few things, which your partner doesn't want to reveal to you. It takes time to be without barrier. Wait for that time, don't knock the door vigorously, when the other person thinks you are breaching their privacy, that door may shut in your face once and for all.

(4). Find a way out :

Breakup is not always only a solution and a way. Sit and discuss with your partner on what are those sections that making them fall apart. If they are solvable with time, delay not keep that process in the action.
If there are problems from one side, then the other must adjust or compromise. Help his/her partner overcoming that attitude. Breakup isn't the way here, since you are together now because once you thought you could both make a great relationship. So, is a breakup and regretting later an answer for it?

It's not the lust that brought you together, but it's love.

If you are breaking up, then you are embarrassing that love.

(5). Make a choice :

Life is all about choices and change. If we are capable of making right choices then a right change is seen in our lives.
When coming to love, it's unpredictable.

The fact is, if both are together for a long period of time, they can sense this breakup coming. When this is signalling your brain, settle this immediately with your partner. It is worth, because the person next to your seat is the result of all your prayers. If the choice is a breakup, it may be not a good one for you both. Dreaming together and then splitting is really hard. Because dreams and memories can't be separable from us like our bodies do.

Make a choice….move on___

Before I conclude this, there are groups which say that breakup is a fashionable thing to do and it means an experience added to life. If breakup is the only reason to love, then there will be no love found in this world. In that case, fashion is dominating love.

There are couples, who stay together. No situations, no temporary breakups will separate them. They are together for years and still every morning feel like it's a day one in their love story.

One have to admit the fact that, a heart with many breakups is experiencing a lot of pain. Those who knew this, no need to say yes, because you know it.

Breakup, maybe a talk of the town for a while. But, it's an everlasting pain which you have to carry on your back, wherever you go. Oh yeah! for a lifetime.

Below is the infographic with some interesting things about breakups.
The Anatomy of a Breakup From Visually.
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