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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Impact Of A Good Citizenship In Society - Republic Day Spl.

Living a useful life, for ourselves and for the society’s sake is an honourable thing to do. In it lies all the pleasure.

Help for help, revenge for revenge is in this world, viewing the world with the perspective of a developmental eye is necessary.

This is not an individual planning, this is for all. Socially moving forward is our target.

When one person began to walk in a certain path, few will definitely follow if it's a good path. Make a storm like decision, change will follow up.

We live in a country, where advice is available for free. When we seek a help, we aren't sure that help is on its way, but immediately there comes an advice.
Just like a person who shouts with a loud voice during a road accident. There are two people lying on the ground, screaming for help. The person who is one from the crowd, shouts ‘somebody give them water', ‘somebody call an ambulance’, ‘somebody do this and somebody do that'. He don't want to indulge in helping, all he can do is to shout. Many of us have seen like the above in our lives, aren't we?

And for God's sake, we are proud that we don't fall under that ‘shout-outs’ category. We are in action, we call an ambulance, we gave them water, we assist the victims to hospital.
This help is not for any publicity, this however not going to earn any Penny. We are set to do this, we are like an autobot here. Our limbs move to give a hand in the rescue operation. This is called the real citizenship and this isn't going to mock anytime.

As a citizen of India, we have all the human rights, constitutional laws and last, but not the least, freedom.

The real gift we can give to those real freedom fighters are not the heap of garlands, nor those cultural programs. But, by our performance in the society, our action is taken into the consideration. Isn't that the real gift?

A flower placed at the feet of any of our favourite freedom fighters will wither away by evening, but if we make up our mind and show our real responsibility by doing any work in the society, it will stay alive. And breath to that work is the result we get over the work we did.
Republic day - World's Showcase

Don't think how you can be a responsible citizen, whatever you are doing, do it with responsibility.

How to be a responsible citizen???
This is a question about attitude, about behavior and about our existence.
Being responsible is taught in childhood, but with the real life experiences it is strengthened.
If you are a student, perform the tasks given to you, within time. Student life is amazing life, provided respect must be preferred first. An employee may think that his work may not impact the rest of the world, because it is only a small space he is controlling. But, remember each one of those who works are the precious assets of the nation.
And a housewife may think, that their lives are bound and limited to a certain place. But, they are the spine of all the success, only go unnoticed because of the gender dominance. Each and everyone is productive in the country.

Let's take an oath today, that we perform whatever, we bring the glory. Let's do the work with wholeheartedness, with a commitment and with love.

Today is the Independence day, yeah, you heard it right. Today is the day in the history, India is feeling proud being on its own feet. Later it is addressed as the Republic Day.
This part must be included in the beginning of the post, but am very excited to share my thoughts and views.
Today we celebrate the 67th Republic Day. Unfurled flags are what we saw early in the morning.

Tricolour flag is the symbol of respect. Its influence fills our blood with the pride.
We, Indians, are celebrating the Republic Day today. One fact thing about our constitution is, it has a total of 448 articles in it. No other country can boast like this.

When we salute the flag, we are saluting the characteristics of it. We are taking an oath that we will play our best role in preserving the law and then securing the peace, protection of the nature.
This is not any comparison to the Independence day, this is itself the Independence day.

To be a citizen who impacts the society, all we need to do is, follow the constitution. Be united and fight as one against all the social evils.

There are many wars to be won. And there are many victory flags awaiting to crawl on to the flag posts. Those wars must be done by the citizens. They are poverty, illiteracy, caste indifference, regional differences and if we count, there are many to empty our ink.

On this Republic Day, let's stand together in unity, to fight against all the evils. And once again to show the world that we aren't second, for the number one spot awaits for us.

Coming to the political section, a real political victory is that victory which is an outcome from the hearts of the people. And a political section where there will be no buying of votes. And where people won't agree to be a sellout.
Let's hope for such a wonderful day.

Wishing you all a Happy Republic Day :)

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