The Impact Of Pornography On Male Brains - PART 2 - World's Showcase


Saturday, January 23, 2016

The Impact Of Pornography On Male Brains - PART 2

This is the continuation to the post on pornography.

In the part - 1, we've seen how porn can destroy the thinking capacity and decision making of our brains.
We've also seen how the porn industry making billions of turnover every year.

Last, but not the least we've also listened to an interview with a sex trafficking victim Anna by Covenant Eyes®.
In case if you missed to download the podcast, visit here to listen.

In the part - 1, we were discussing about the impact of porn, causes and reasons. As promised in that post, I am here with some points to discuss on how to quit porn.
Pornography/world's showcase

Pornography kills motivation, brain shrinkage takes place and works less. We cannot ignore these facts, because they're proven by study after study.
I think this is a valid problem to discuss.

Before we see how to quit porn, let's observe some benefits in leaving porn.

Benefits of quitting porn :
  • Porn is a drug. Leaving it will give you the same experience like if you left a drug, say heroin. This is quite useful if you are  teenage in.
  • You don't have to lead a double life. You are the same person in the world and especially to yourself.
  • Your energy increases, focus increases. No more drawing back from performing any task.
  • Able to start a fresh life, which is amazing than ever before.
  • No place in your heart to bear all those guiltiness and self-soothing records.
  • Your change gives you a pleasure. It can be noticed by your friends, family and colleagues. But, you only know the real reason behind it.
  • Depression, anxiety, anger and stress flee away from you.

Those are the benefits of quitting porn. Let's see how to quit. Starting with this infographic.
[click on the image to view in larger size]

Courtesy of Stop Procrastinating – Guide to beating porn addiction.


This isn't going to be any easy thing to implement, if one is addicted to porn, there must be a lot of struggling with it to come out of it.

Man cannot remake himself without struggle, for he is both the marble and the sculptor “ -Alexis Carrel

Let's see what are those struggles. Below are the points on how to quit porn, forever and ever.

(1). Take a decision

This is the key, your decision must be strong and final. You must not turn back and feel regret for the decision you take here. Write it on your slate of heart, if you are strong in this section, there is a broad spectrum of battles to fight.

(2). Self awareness

You must be capable of knowing yourself. You must know those things which make you happy, sad, disgusting, etc. If you are aware of yourself, then you can think of a change in your lifestyle.

(3). Acceptance

Accepting what you are is the next step, you have to accept yourself sincerely. Nothing must prevent you in doing this.
You are who you are, you must be with yourself in your entire life, it's your life to live. Nobody has the control switch, but you.
You must accept your life even entire world rejects it.

(4). Willpower

Willpower is what it all takes, if you have it in you. The goals you design and resolutions you make will stand. This is the sword to fight against the battle.
Porn is controlling you, it's time to take the control into your hands. Use the willpower and rule it. Shut it off completely and prove yourself to you that you are a real hero.
Because if you can't win on yourself, you can't win on others.

(5). Knowing Triggers

Pornography always depend on a strong trigger. Because it can't enter your brain directly, it needs a gateway. Those gateways are triggers.
Each person has different trigger. Knowing which is your's is the first victory in the process of quitting porn.
Loneliness, stressful moments, boring time, angry, disappointment, etc. are few of the triggers. These include watching visual contents like TV, Magazines, Movies.
When you feel alone, you watch a movie, in the movie there is a bold scene which automatically triggers your sexual desire.
That desire won't get satisfied, it will make you to walk towards porn since you are addicted to it.
By avoiding those triggering situations, you can suppress the urge to watch porn.

(6). Transmutation

Of course we all know how transmutation works. Here we've to use one energy drive for the purpose of other.
If your sexual desire is causing you a lot of trouble, use that entire calories for any other good work. Here, transmutation will help in two things. It drives away the thoughts since we are using the energy for other work and diversion from the porn also occurs.

(7). #NeverGiveUp

You cannot leave any habit in a single night. Practice, commitment and few failures to huge mistakes, everything is a part of the journey. What you've to do is #NeverGiveUp. We are humans and we are having a chance after chance for a change, finally which is good for our livelihood.

Don't curse yourself if you failed to attain the goal in overcoming the pornography. It is in your mind for a long time, it won't go off that much easily. It takes time and wait, waiting will be worthy here.

(8). Forget

Leave the past life to the past, you are all new and fresh here. A fresh start will energize you to maintain a clean record. Don't let the past ruin your present.

(9). Stick to ‘Yes' or ‘No'

Don't let your friends force you to do what you are unwilling to do. It is not their life, it's yours. So, don't let them to control you. Stick to a single answer in any situations. If you say NO then it must be a no.
If you say YES then it must be a yes.
If you bounce in between these answers, then it's a doubtful life.

(10). Rejoice in your performance

In a spiritual writing, which I read few weeks ago, in that the author compared our records to a clean tablecloth. When it's new, nobody spilled anything on it. It was all new and shiny.
One day by mistake, a person spilled juice, then following it everybody began to spill due to the carelessness. Because, one stain on it won't make a huge difference, because there are many.
Likewise, when you maintain a good non-porn life record. If you failed once, don't repeat the same. Stand up, admire your performance and move on. That clean and neat tablecloth is nothing, but our performance.

Finally, be you nothing can change your mind. It is all your thinking whether to accept or not.
One thing is crystal clear, porn isn't good to watch. ‘Everybody watches’ is the word that comes to our mind, but are you want to be one of them or stand alone from the crowd?
Choie is at your feet, if you move away, I am not promising you that you'll be a millionaire, am not promising you pure success. But, the life you lived before watching porn and after watching porn is noticeable.
That stressful mind exists no more, once you give up the porn and see the results.

Before I conclude this topic, I would like to share another infographic which is on ‘How to quit pornography', stats, benefits and steps.
Infographics provide the information accurately and they show a positive impact on seeing them.
How To Quit Pornography
From Visually.

If and only if, you can't resist the temptation and if this thought won't let you to do your daily works. Then you need to see an expert or a person who is a professional in dealing with such things. It is an addiction, need a courageous mind tripled to beat it.

To those, who've read this post patiently and are not a porn addict. I thank you so much for your precious presence here and time.
To those, who are porn addict and somehow if this post helped you to create a spark in your mind which says ‘not to watch porn' then my soul rejoice in it. This post is for you, a personal letter. If this post talked you in that way, don't need to comment, you just right now start the process. Avoid all the distractions. I wish you all the best to you :)
And to those readers who have no connection with the porn, my zillion thanks to you :))

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