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Saturday, January 09, 2016

DEAR 2016...

Dear 2016... - Prasanna Dasari
Days went like waves, Christmas is gone, New Year came. Planned on writing a Christmas post, but a lot of obstacles came into my life.

All the year went with all fights and love. In this new year I wouldn't like to expect any new things. Because, I would like to modify what am provided with and what I have a complete access to.

I didn't make any resolution on the night of the first day of the year, I did not write papers of covenants. I saw them going into the trash can.

I am going to try, maybe i guess I started this new process in my life. The year 2015 was started with great resolutions and a list of expectations. All went well, but at the end of the year, they felt like worthless.

Filled with new year vibes, I stepped into another new year. Peeking through a hole to visualize how this year would go with me.

Here am not any Foreteller, just trying to analyze the 2K15 and estimate the 2K16.

Whatever 2K15 had brought up to me was memories. I met most inspiring people, who are bloggers. I rejoice in this, yes I do a lot.

What would be more blessing than make some good friends in the blogosphere. I really thank each of them, name after name. You are the real reason why I didn't give up on myself when time ran hard on me.

Reading your posts, bookmarking them, getting notified when you post a new poem or any promotional posts. Everything is just amazing.

This isn't any thankful post, but I will make one with all the names included by the end of this month. I am down due to health problems.
I am away from my blog, locked it and went away. Now, today i'm opening the doors and windows of the World's Showcase.

This problem was with me since I started to think more. End of 2014 is hard, I was in hospital. And I welcomed 2016 in Church, with all happiness. But, all went down. Even Christmas is celebrated in fear.

My dad's health also not good and later, it's mine. I am suffering with hypertension, which is due to stress. I left a job, which I got right after my final year.
My heart undergoing fluctuations, irregular heartbeat, and dizziness.

My doctor isn't treating me for the high blood pressure. Because he feels it's too young to undergo the medication and this will damage my immune system in the future. My BP recorded as 170/100, 140/100, 130/100 and the least was 120/100.

These digits shocked my doctor as no matter how much he tried to calm me down with conversations, my heart didn't care it at all.
Sometimes it pains, beats at a slow rate, sometimes it runs like F1.

With all these uncomfortable things, for the first time ever. I am away from the World's Showcase.
And the most hurtful thing is I failed to catch up with the posts from my favourite bloggers. I am unable to view them on my mobile screen because of dizziness. Few of them, I commented only after reading the title, but not the post.

Time to finish this explanation, now coming to the point. I am glad to step into another new year. 2016 is with many hopes, dreams and no expectations at all.

Every year I took my diary, dedicated few pages in it to the resolutions (however many of them aren't kept). I failed to stand on my own words.
This year, I didn't make any resolution. I would like to really apply the change in my life.
I read one good sentence about writing the goals on a paper. There's a saying “An unwritten goal is only a wish” here arises a need to write my goals. Well, I'll write resolutions somewhere.

Am thankful to God for placing new personalities in my life in the year 2015.

I pray that they all have a great year ahead. I've said a lot here and need to stop here.

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year 2016.

                               With ­čĺť,
                        Prasanna Dasari.

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